Saurav Ganguly says there are no further plans if IPL gets canceled in April

The Coronavirus outbreak has broken the backbone of sports as a whole. However, IPL has received the biggest setback. The tournament which was scheduled to start from 29th March got pushed back to 15th April. However, the address delivered by PM Modi on 24th March put the country on lockdown till 14th April. The question mark of the 13th season of IPL has started catching fire with the voices of cancellation echoing around the cricketing alleys.
Saurav Ganguly, the current President of BCCI agreed that the situation has worsened over the course of last week. Saurav Ganguly said that he is unsure of the situation. The fans who were curiously waiting for the season to kick off have received a setback due to the condition.
Reports suggest that even BCCI will suffer a setback financially if IPL gets called off. However, the situation and the reports suggest that IPL will either be postponed for a few months or canceled for one year.

Saurav Ganguly says that nothing has changed

Saurav Ganguly also conveyed some bad news. The Charismatic president of BCCI said that there has been no change in the situation over the past 10 days. He said that the situation has only worsened from the time when the board pushed back IPL. Therefore, he cannot give any clarity on the situation. He was even asked if the BCCI has planned anything else in the event of cancellation.

“I can’t say anything at the moment. We are at the same place where we were on the day we postponed. Nothing has changed in the last 10 days. So, I don’t have an answer to it. Status quo remains. You can’t plan anything. The FTP is scheduled. It’s there and you can’t change the FTP.

“All around the world, cricket and more so sports have stopped. I haven’t had a discussion with Jay. Let’s see. We will assess the situation, follow directives and see what happens,” Sourav Ganguly said as quoted by India TV.

Well, the situation seems grim for the IPL and it would be no less than Miracle if cricket restarts on 15th April.

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