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Alberto Ascari Biography, Wiki, Height, Weight, Death, Net Worth, F1 Career

Alberto Ascari Biography: Alberto Ascari was an Italian racing driver who won the Formula One World Championship twice. He was a multi-talented racer who began his career on motorcycles before moving on to cars.

Alberto Ascari Biography

Alberto Ascari Biography: Alberto Ascari was born in Milan, Kingdom of Italy, on July 13, 1918. Ascari was the son of Antonio Ascari, an established Grand Prix motor racing star who raced Alfa Romeos in the 1920s. Antonio Ascari was killed while leading the French Grand Prix at the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry just a fortnight before Alberto’s seventh birthday in 1925. However, the younger Ascari was still interested in racing. His desire to become a race driver like his father drove him to skip school twice. In his earlier years, he raced motorcycles. Ascari was signed to ride for the Bianchi team at the age of 19. In 1940, he ran the famed Mille Miglia in an Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 given by his father’s close friend, Enzo Ferrari, and began racing on four wheels regularly.

Alberto Ascari Biography

Alberto Ascari Wiki

NameAlberto Ascari
Date Of BirthJuly 13, 1918
Birth PlaceMilan, Kingdom of Italy
Zodiac SignTaurus
ProfessionRacing Driver
Net WorthN/A
Car CollectionN/A

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Alberto Ascari Career

Alberto Ascari debuted in Grand Prix racing with the Maserati 4CLT after WWII. Villoresi, his teammate, would become Ascari’s mentor, teammate, and friend. The pair had success on the circuits in Italy’s north. Soon after, he was called Ciccio, which means “Tubby.” The FIA introduced Formula One regulations in 1946 to gradually replace the pre-war Grand Prix organization. Ascari was at the height of his game for the next four transitional years, winning numerous events across Europe. In 1948, he won his first Grand Prix, the Gran Premio di San Remo, and finished second in the RAC International Grand Prix at Silverstone the following year.

The following year, Ascari won another race with the team, the Gran Premio del General Juan Perón de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. His most significant breakthrough came when he and Villoresi joined Scuderia Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari, the team’s boss, had been a great friend and teammate to Antonio Ascari & had taken an active interest in Alberto’s triumphs. That year, 1949, he won three additional races with the Ferrari team.

The Ferrari team made their World Championship debut at Monte Carlo in 1950, with Ascari, Villoresi, and the famed French driver Raymond Sommer on the team. The couple had a challenging year; their supercharged Tipo 125 needed to be more active to compete with Alfa Romeo. Therefore, Ferrari began work on an unblown 4.5l car. The team’s 2-liter Formula Two engine was gradually enlarged. Still, when the complete 4.5l Tipo 375 arrived for the Gran Premio d’Italia (the championship’s final round), Ascari gave Alfa Romeo their most formidable challenge of the year before retiring; he then took over teammate Dorino Serafini’s car to finish second. After that, the new Ferrari won the non-championship Gran Premio do Penya Rhin.

Alberto Ascari Biography

His 1955 season began promisingly, with victory at non-championship races in Turin and Naples, where the Lancias challenged and beat the formerly all-conquering Mercedes. He retired from the Gran Premio de la Republica Argentina despite competing in global championships. He crashed into the harbor, through hay bales and sandbags, late in the race after missing a chicane while leading.

He was reportedly distracted by either the crowd’s reaction to Stirling Moss’ retirement or the close attentions of the lapped Cesare Perdisa behind. Whatever distracted him, he approached the chicane too rapidly. He selected the only route out, taking his D50 straight through the barricades and into the sea, narrowly missing a tiny barrel-sized iron bollard by about 30 centimeters. His car vanished into the Mediterranean Sea and sank, leaving just an oil slick and a torrent of bubbles and steam behind. Ascari’s pale blue helmet appeared bobbing on the surface three seconds later. He was dragged into a boat and escaped with a fractured nose.

Alberto Ascari Cause of Death

He went to Monza on May 26 to see his friend Eugenio Castellotti test a Ferrari 750 Monza sports car. Lancia allowed them to co-drive the car in the 1000 km Monza event. Ascari wasn’t scheduled to drive that day but went for a few laps anyway. He set off in his jacket, tie, shirt sleeves, regular trousers, and Castellotti’s white helmet. On the third lap, as he exited from a fast curve, the car skidded, twisted on its nose, and somersaulted twice. Ascari was thrown onto the track and died a few minutes later from various injuries.

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