All the Coronavirus Donations by National Sports and State Sports Associations

The Coronavirus had devastatingly stung the World. The sporting world has arguably taken the most vigorous blow in their gut due to the nationwide lockdown, which has now extended till 3rd May. However, the most significant implications and probably the most ignored one would be the financial strains that have fallen on the government.

The government asked for help from the citizen of India and formed a ‘PM cares’ fund, which was meant to fight the deadly virus. The citizens of India have come forward to support the government and their efforts to fight the virus. Various sports players and celebrities also come forward to pledge a large amount of money.

However, the most surprising part was the action taken by the different sports boards of India, who came forward to support the nation. The mammoth amount of money donated by BCCI (51 crores) was the standout donation. However, other boards also came forward to donate as per their pockets. The All India Football Federation (AIFF) donated 25 lakhs, whereas Hockey India contributed 21 lakhs. The Indian Olympic Association also donated ‘71 lakhs’ to the PM Cares fund.

The money donated by different associations will go into their fight against the deadly virus and in helping the needy during this period, along with improving the medical facilities during the time. The detailed list of the donations made by the associations follows:

Badminton Association of India (10 lakh)
Basketball Federation of India (Rs 5.00 lakh)
All India Football Federation (Rs. 25.00 lakh)
All India Tennis Association (Rs 2.50 lakh)
The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI Rs 51 crores)
Volleyball Federation of India (Rs 5 lakh)
Wushu Association of India (Rs 2.00 lakh)
Wrestling Federation of India (Rs 11.00 lakh)
Bowling Federation of India (Rs 1 lakh)
Boxing Federation of India (Rs. 11 lakh)
Cycling Federation of India (Rs 1 lakh)
Fencing Association of India (Rs 5 lakh)
Gymnastics Federation of India (Rs 2.50 lakh)
Handball Federation of India (Rs 1.50 lakh)
Hockey India (Rs 25 lakh, Rs 21 lakh to Odisha)
Indian Olympic Association (Rs 71 lakh)
Indian Triathlon Federation (Rs 1 lakh)
Indian Weightlifting Federation (Rs 1 lakh)
Karnataka State Cricket Association (Rs 1 crore)
Kho Kho Federation of India (Rs 11 lakh)
National Rifle Association of India (Rs 10 lakh)
Netball Federation of India (Rs 1 lakh)
India Taekwondo (Rs 1 lakh)
Indian Golf Union (Rs 10.00 lakh)
Saurashtra Cricket Association (Rs 42 lakh)
Squash Racquets Federation of India (Rs 1 lakh)
Swimming Federation of India (Rs 51,000)
Table Tennis Federation of India (Rs 5.00 lakh)
Modern Pentathlon Federation of India (Rs 1 Lakh)
Mumbai Cricket Association (Rs 50 lakh to Maharashtra)
Rowing Federation of India (Rs 1.25 lakh)

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