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Are Advertising Banners On Cricket Grounds Real Or They Are Digital Banners?

Whenever we watch any cricket match, whether it is World Cup, Test, ODI, or IPL. We always see one common thing which is banners. There we see a lot of sponsored banners. Those banners are of those brands who are sponsoring the tournament. A lot of people have asked whether those banners are real banners or they are digital banners. Come let’s find out in this blog.


Why There Are Banners On The Ground?

On the cricket ground, there are a lot of banners of a lot of different brands. Those banners are of those brands who have sponsored the tournament or any particular team. Sponsored asks the BCCI to make a banner and show it on the ground so that their brand can get attention and an audience also.

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Are The Banners On Cricket Ground Real Or They Are Digital Banners?

According to the source, there are both types of banners present on the ground. Yes, this is true, there are some real physical banners and there are also some digital projection banners. Now technology is being used perfectly and it should be. A lot of cricket grounds have physical advertising banners that are placed around the field. Those banners are generally made of fabric or vinyl material. The sponsored companies pay for those physical banners also to be displayed at the time of matches as a form of advertising.

In a lot of cricket grounds, there are digital banners. Grounds use digital projection technology to openly display the advertisements on the field. It includes projecting images or video on a surface like grass or pitch with the help of projectors. It gave an allowance for dynamic and changing advertisements to by displayed at the time of matches.

Physical banners and digital banners, both are available on the ground for advertisement purposes. It is the choice between the two methods which may depends on several factors like flexibility, cost, and any other specific needs of the advertisers and the venue.

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