Ballon d’Or 2021: “It’s too early to speak”- N’golo Kante plays down his chances of winning the Balon D’or

Chelsea’s midfield maestro N’golo Kante recently said in an interview that it is ‘too early’ to discuss his possibilities of winning the Ballon d’Or. The French international recently won the UEFA Champions League with Chelsea and had a huge contribution in the process.

The recent accolades have tipped N’golo Kante to be one of the favourites to win the biggest individual award in football, the Ballon d’Or. However, the midfielder has lowkey played down the notion of him winning the award. In the same interview, Kante also talked about his future at Chelsea and his ‘nice guy image’ among the fans.

N’golo Kante is a beast of a midfielder. He has a tremendous workload and his stamina is unmatched on the football field. With N’golo Kante in your team, it is like playing with 13 players as he helps in all three aspects of the game- attack, midfield, and defence.

The Frenchman might not have got the numbers in terms of goals or assists, but his performance on the field speaks out for itself. Winning the MOTM award in both the legs of the semi-finals and in the finals too, is an achievement untouched even by many greats of the game.

N’golo Kante was the UEFA Champions League MOTM in both the legs of the semi-finals and in the finals too

Many well known figures in football have already started arguing that Kante indeed deserves the Ballon d’Or this year, which includes Paul Pogba, Kante’s midfield partner in the French national team, and Didier Deschamps, France’s head coach. However, the midfielder thinks that it is too early to discuss anything right now.

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N’golo Kante has his say

Kante lifting the Champions League trophy

“I think it is a little early to speak about that now. We have just arrived at the middle of the year, we have 6 more months, there are still lots of matches and competitions to play in. There is no point saying that I deserve it today.

“A few years ago I finished in the top 10, and that was nice, but to win it would be another story. It is a wonderful individual prize for players. I see it as a result of a season produced by players, not as an objective, those who have won it have achieved great things throughout their whole career,” said N’golo Kante.

The midfielder also talked about the ‘nice guy image’ that he has in the media. Kante feels that he is just a normal man and that it has been blown out-of proportions by the media.

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He said, “It is true that sometimes, there is this image that is a bit too wonderful and a bit too beautiful. But in the end, I am just a normal guy. A player amongst others. There is no need to say I am the kindest, or the nicest. I am just a player like the others. I think that sometimes, it is overblown. It does not need to be.”

“It is true that I like to get on well with my team-mates, to have good relationships with people that I come across in the streets and in football. But aside from that, there are other people like that in football. We don’t need to make a whole story or sometimes exaggerate.”

Kante’s discusses his future plans

N’golo Kante with Chelsea FC’s owner Roman Abramovich

N’golo Kante has won every major award with his current team chelsea in the 5 years that he has played for them. Speaking of his future plans and his tenure at chelsea, Kante opined,

“I have been at Chelsea for 5 years, I have enjoyed wonderful seasons. I hope to experience many others. It is not something that I am focusing on. I have another two years of contract with Chelsea and I feel good.”

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