Brendon McCullum says that Sports will rise again

Coronavirus has severely affected the World. No other event/epidemic in the past century has affected the health of the complete World to the extent to which Covid-19 has affected. All the major sports in the World, including EPL, IPL, NBA, have faced the wrath of Covid-19, and their season has been changed. 

The pandemic has even not left anyone, and various celebrities, including the famous Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, and various politicians such as the Health Minister of Italy, have been affected by the infection. However, no industry has been affected by the effect which is faced by the sports industry. 

Brendon McCullum says the industry is ready for the challenge

The cancellation of most of the leagues and tournaments has affected the lives of various people in the sports industry other than the players. The most affected are people who work as ticket collectors or people who own a food stall or fun games in the stadia. The sports journalists have also been affected due to the outbreak. 

A lot of people are coming out in support of these people whose livelihood depends on sports. Brendon McCullum is the latest player to extend his support to the industry, which his kind words. He tweeted, “Thoughts with all those around the World right now. The sport will rise again in time, but for now, it’s about everyone staying safe and finding a way through. Medically and economically, we are being challenged more than our generation has ever been before, but we will find a way.” 

McCullum made the statement after an earlier announcement from the New Zealand Cricket board. Earlier in the day board announced that all the cricketing events would be halted for an indefinite period. The step will be taken as per an advisory from WHO who has warned the countries against any public gatherings.

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