Brian Lara’s Huge Statement On MS Dhoni; Still Holds True

The world is talking MS Dhoni, as they await his return to international cricket. A lot of cricketing experts and Pundits have been giving their opinions on his future. Amid this talk, Brian Lara has now come out and stated his opinion on the matter. Lara has seen a young Mahi play towards the twilight of his career. Since retirement, he has been following the game as an expert and a commentator as well, at times.

So, when asked to speak out on the topic of MS Dhoni and his future, Lara had this to say. He stated, “MS Dhoni plays for his country. He does not play for his critics. There is no replacement for MS Dhoni in world cricket.”

MS Dhoni is an asset to any team and knows what's best for him ...

Dhoni is currently aged 39 and not a lot of cricketers make a return to international cricket at that age. However, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind, that if anyone can do it, it is Dhoni. The fans want him to play again for Team India.

Despite that, there are a set of critics as well. These set of individuals have wanted him out of the team for a long time. Despite that, the fact of the matter remains, Team India needs MS Dhoni, as much as he needs them.

MS Dhoni joins the elite club of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly ...

The most successful Indian captain has already achieved it all. However, there is still a need for his still head in the side. Though he is not as sharp as what he might have been a few years ago, his expertise can still come in handy.

A lot of Pundits have also spoken about the topic as to how he can utilized better. It will be interesting to see what decision skipper Virat Kohli takes. He loves and admires MS Dhoni more than anyone. Only time will tell.

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