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Bundesliga to take risk amid Covid-19, the league will restart on 16th

After a gloomy period of two months, which saw several sporting events getting canceled and postponed finally the sports fan have received some good news. The German football league officially known as Bundesliga is set to restart this month. The league has announced that it will restart the games on 16th May 2020 that is on the third Saturday of the month. The recent development will make Bundesliga the first sporting league in entire Europe to restart. As per the reports, the Serie A and English Premier League may soon follow with restarting their own leagues.

The games will be played under closed doors:  

The German government has handled the crisis quite coherently and the nation has managed to control the Covid-19 situation. However, the league has ensured that it will take all the required efforts for the safety of the players. The games will be played under closed doors whereas all the participating players will go into a seven-day long isolation camp before the league resumes. The players will be tested for the virus before heading to isolation.

The CEO of the league Christian Seifert talked to the press and thanked the advanced healthcare system of the country which enabled them to restart the league. He said, “The interest (globally) is big. I see reports from across the world that we are the first major league to return, Seifert further added: “This is only possible because we have the privilege to live in a country with one of the most modern health systems in the world.”

The league will also take several added prevention such as all the 300 people required to conduct a match will stay around the stadium for two days. Manuel Neuer, the German and Bundesliga skipper said that the players will have an enormous responsibility ahead of the start of the season.

The league will hold six games on Saturday including the riveting rivalry of Dortmund and Schalke.

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