Check Out These Foolproof Ways to Mint Money Online

According to Datareportal, as of January 2022, the average internet user spent an average of 7 hours online, translating into about 40% of their waking hours.

That’s around the duration spent at a regular day job! It would indeed be a pity if all that time were to go to waste. What if you could leverage even a portion of it into something productive? Like working towards financial independence within the comfort of your home?

All the bits and pieces of time you spend scrolling on social media or browsing through YouTube videos can add up to a significant chunk stretch that can be put to better use elsewhere.

The opportunities available vary depending on whether you are considering micro gigs or simple tasks that can be completed quickly –  but pay less.  Alternatively, if you are willing to dedicate a bit more time and effort, there are opportunities that pay better.

Depending on the criteria,  such as expertise involved, the time required,  any upfront investment in terms of cash, etc., there are plenty of avenues for making money online. Some of them are:

1.     Prediction Games For Making Income Online:

Did you know that there is a relatively fun way to earn money? You can do it by playing certain categories of online games or, more specifically, by engaging in prediction games online. Many platforms let you pocket some cash, gift cards, or other prizes that have monetary value should you win.

So how do they work? Prediction gaming awards users financial incentives depending on the accuracy with which they can predict the outcome of events yet to take place. Usually, these events are related to sports.  If the result is favorable, the gamer gets to take home a predefined amount of prize money.

2.     Investing In The Stock Market:

Even though there are multiple approaches for generating money online, such as real estate and cryptocurrency, navigating both may be tricky, each for its own reasons.

Investing in the real estate market requires a lot of upfront investment and can drain financial resources. Cryptocurrency is a volatile investment route as there are no reliable metrics that determine its value, and its unpredictable nature will most likely deter the risk-averse investor.

For the above individuals, the traditional stock market is a worthy alternative.  Investing in the stock market does not require heavy sums of money, as is the case with the real-estate route. Nor is it fickle like the cryptocurrency option.

Though there are risks with parking your money in the stock market, they are fairly minimal, thanks to its predictive nature. Further, stock brokerage platforms can share expert opinions on how best to invest your money to meet your financial goals.

If you have the budget for it and are in for the long haul, the stock market is an ideal investment vehicle.

3.     Become A Proofreader:

Proofreaders are indispensable to authors, bloggers, and the likes of reporters for ensuring that their content is grammatically correct and error-free before being published.  Their job also requires them to ensure that the content is in accordance with the client’s guidelines.

A proofreader’s role is that of an extra set of eyes after the author and editor have taken care of things at their end. The flexible working hours and stress-free work makes proofreading a worthwhile option to consider for making money online.

4.     Consider Tutoring:

Tutors are always in demand across varied subjects.  You could be a full-time tutor or offer it only for a specific time, such as when exams are around the corner, to help the students brush up on their subject matter.

Pick topics you have background experience in, and having an advanced degree in that field will be an added advantage.  This gives you credibility in the eyes of the parents and those whom you teach.

5.      Become A Consultant:

Consultants are brought in by companies or individuals when they are unable to cope with the concerned matter at hand. It could be regarding product launches or marketing woes. Individuals may require the service of a wealth manager to plan for their eventual retirement or meet other financial goals.

In such cases, they bring experts in their respective fields to consult on how best to achieve and be accountable for their own goals and plans.  Thanks to video-conferencing tools, you can get started on this income-generating stream online with no investment other than your already-in-place skillset.

6.     Take Care Of A Local Business’s Books:

Local businesses have many responsibilities, and bookkeeping is one of them. While they may not have the necessary resources for an in-house accountant, they would be more than willing to take on a bookkeeper on a contract. Plenty of clients can be found on job portals or freelancing sites.

As a bookkeeper, you’ll be trusted to diligently maintain the company’s transactions.  Bookkeeping doesn’t require a finance degree, but you must be familiar with any popular accounting software and understand basic accounting principles.

Listed here are some of the several ways in which you can invest your spare time to generate income online. How you go about it depends on whether you are looking to start a side gig or replace your day job.  Not every job on the internet can give you that kind of flexibility to afford you the choice of leaving your day job behind. More often than not, it’s to supplement your primary income; for that, you should pick a gig most closely aligned with your credentials and talents.

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