China’s football team would not have thought that the corona virus would have to pay such a price

China’s football team would not have thought that the corona virus would have to pay such a price

Due to the outbreak of Corona virus, everywhere in China at this time there is a atmosphere of fear. Many countries outside China are also trying to prevent this virus. Due to this all things have been affected, not only the economy, many other things have also been affected Like preparing for China’s Olympics.

2020 Olympics are scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan. Qualifiers round are running for this. Qualifiers are the rounds in which teams or players qualify for the Olympics by playing the different games. Chinese women’s football team arrived in Australia to play in it. These are affectionately called all steel roses in their country. Due to corona virus in china ,this women’s football team had to face a lot of problems in Australia. Corona virus has become epidemic in China, .

First of all, they were quarantined ( separated from others) in the hotel. Even They were not allowed to use the gym there.

According to reports, the football team was kept in a hotel in Brisbane. The pictures that came out from there showed that the players of the women’s football team are doing stretching exercises in the corridor. They was not even given football to play. Put to sleep on the ground. They kept running on the stairs to keep herself fit. This was told by a newspaper called People’s Daily.

They was then shifted to Sydney from there. There the Chinese team defeated Thailand and Taiwan in the match. They draw the game with Australia. This time four of his star players are out of the game right now. Nevertheless, his performance has been excellent. Now this team will play against South Korea.

Earlier this tournament was going to be played in Wuhan. But after the corona virus spread, it was shifted to nanjing. But as the virus continued to spread, the tournament was shifted to Sydney, Australia.

Why do they all called steel roses?

China’s women’s football team is considered the star team there. FIFA is ranked 15th in the ranking. She has won the Asian Cup eight times so far. It was the team that reached the final against USA in the 1999 FIFA World Cup. In that match, America won by penalty kick. But the Chinese team did well. Since then, they was affectionately called Steel Roses. Steel because they showed great strength and strength on the field. And Roses is because Rose in China is considered a symbol for women. For his softness and charming personality. The team got the name Steel Roses due to the combination of the two. Not only China, women’s teams of many other countries have also been given such nicknames. For example, the France team are called The Blues, the Switzerland team is called The National Team, the Columbia team is called The Coffee Growers.

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