Conor McGregor tattoo’s and the meaning behind them

The name, Conor Mcgregor, divides opinion in the World of combat fighting. The starfighter is making a comeback to the World of MMA after announcing retirement five months ago in a losing cause against Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Irish star is scheduled to fight Donald Cerrone in Las Vegas on 18th July in a UFC fight. Another fight is planned against the boxing star Floyd Mayweather, who himself is set to make a return from retirement.

McGregor has changed the World of UFC and has come out as a showman in the game. Even the purists of the game believe him to be the most marketable player in UFC. Conor made his debut in 2013 against Marcus Brimage, a match he won by technical knockout.

The then 24-year-old was donning a goatee in his first game, which has become his trademark now; however, the superstar did not have any visible tattoos on his body. The number of tattoos on his body has been proportional to his success in the past year and a half. The player has virtually covered his entire body in tattoos and has eight tattoos on his body. Here is a detailed description of his tattoos with their meaning or meaninglessness:

Heel:  The tattoo on Mcgreoger’s heel is his first one and is a message composed in the Arabic dialect. In a statement, the UFC star confessed to not being aware of the meaning of the tattoo. He also admitted that he got the tattoo carved under the influence of alcohol in Ayia Napa for 20 Euros.  

Neck: Mcgroger got a winged crucifix carved on his neck, which escalated the conjecture of him being of the Catholic religion. However, the rebellious star started a controversy by wearing a poppy, a symbol used to wear in remembrance of soldiers who died in the line of fire since World War 1. He also stated the controversial statement “Fuck Politics and Fuck Religion.” The action cleared the water that his tattoo had nothing to do with religion. 

Back: The origin or the meaning of this tattoo is concealed. He has a helix of thorns running from the bottom of his neck crucifix to the small of his back. 

Chest: The tattoo on Mcgreoger’s chest is a twisted symbol of Straight Blast Gym by coach John Kavanagh. He has a gorilla wearing a crown on his head and a heart held in its mouth. McGregor stated that he liked the look of this tattoo and therefore got it engraved on his chest. 

Forearm: The Irish star has two tattoos inscribed on his forearms. The front side of his left forearm is covered in a rose bush. The rosebush has a clock carved showing the time 3:35 PM and another separate rose inside, which has a dagger coming out of it. This tattoo also has a small stick figure in a boxing pose, visibly emulating the posture of Notre Dame Leprechaun. The large-sized tattoo has a gentleman wearing a hat on the back of the carving. 

The second tattoo on his forearm manifests his love for the armed force. He has the words “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” inscribed just above the rose tattoos. The words are used commonly in the Navy SEALs. 

Abdomen: The two tattoos on his abdomen are the last of his carvings. McGregor has revealed that he has always been fascinated by animals and embraces the moves used by them into his training. The fascination led him to get a tiger carved on his abdomen. He stated that he likes the courage of a tiger and would love to incorporate the qualities of a lion in his game. 

The last tattoo of Mcgreoger’s sandwiches the lion on his abdomen. He got Mcgreoger carved above the lion, whereas Notorious was engraved below the tiger. This tattoo is the last one he got.  

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