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Coronavirus Pandemic takes away the job of throwdown expert of Sunrisers Hyderabad.

The Coronavirus has stopped the World in ways one could not have imagined and has affected the lives of many in more ways than expected. Various sectors have suffered drastic losses in employment, and the IPL teams have also started to feel the heat. The Hyderabad based franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad has released one of their throwdown experts Bulbul Ahmed. Bulbul Ahmed is one of the renowned names in the throwdown field and joined Sunrisers for the 2020 season.

Sunrisers Hyderabad let go of Bulbul Ahmed after the postponement of the league:

Sunrisers Hyderabad brought the expert for the 2020 IPL season which was scheduled to commence from 29th March 2020. However, the lockdown has delayed the start of the season, and IPL 2020 has been postponed until further notice. Bulbul Ahmed had previously worked with the Bangladesh national cricket team.

A few reports from Bangladesh have also revealed that Bulbul Ahmed and his unorthodox tactics impressed Trevor Bayliss, the coach of Sunrisers Hyderabad. The thing which differentiates him from other specialists is his unconventional technique of a throwdown. He usually takes a run-up before throwing the ball and has attracted interests from many teams before Hyderabad.

“The money could have helped my family”- Bulbul Ahmed:

Reports suggest that Bulbul did not sign a contract with SRH but was verbally promised a pay 1,20,000 INR and 5,500 as DA. Bulbul recently talked to Sports star about his selection with SRH. He said “That’s how I got the offer. They liked my style, probably. Normally, people stand and throw the ball, but I do it like a bowler using the dogstick. I run in and throw the ball,”

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Bulbul is currently living on the money he got from BCB and the pay he receives from various players who use him for practice. He also talked about his contract where he said “My first tour was the Asia Cup 2018 in Dubai, and then, I also went to the World Cup. A contract would have been dependent on my performance. I don’t have major demands. The money could have helped my family. IPL was a big platform, and it is sad that the sporting world is suffering due to the virus,”

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