Cricket Australia Considering a Five match test series with India

The Covid-19 has brought the World to a standstill. The entire human race is locked down in their houses to fight the deadly virus. The sporting community is no different, and the whole sporting community is looking at implications which can go further than just the health-related problems.

Entire World is gauging at substantial financial implications, and many boards are forced to deduct the salaries of their staff and players. Cricket Australia is no different, and they recently announced the pay cut of up to 80% for their staff.

Cricket Australia looking to way for cutting their losses:

The government of Australia has decided to cut off any international flights for the next six months. Under the circumstances, the future of T20 World Cup, as well as the proposed tour of India to Australia, looks bleak. However, Cricket Australia is working on increasing the number of tests between the two super powers of Cricketing World.

India was scheduled to tour Australia for three T20I and four test games. The T20 World Cup scheduled to start from 18th October was sandwiched between the T20 and test series. The Australia cricket board is looking to increase the number of test matches five if situations are delicate for cricket. In a statement Kevin Roberts, CEO of Australia stated that

“If you contemplate the prospect of the international season, in particular, being affected, we have an issue of hundreds of millions of dollars on our hands.”

He further added

“So it’s very important that … we do everything possible to stage the season. Whether or not there are people at the venue or not … we will explore all viable options.

In the statement given to the Australian Associated Press, Roberts said that the fifth test match could be playing behind closed doors. He even discussed the options of playing the World Cup behind closed doors. On the topic, Roberts said

“We might not generate financial returns from that event that are as significant as the international cricket season (in Australia),”

He said that the revenues are generated mostly through broadcast rights.

“But what we do know is that the bigger returns from the broadcast rights around the event that are generated by the ICC are significant to all of our counterparts around the cricket world.”

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