Cricket comes to the rescue: Bengal association donates 25 Lakhs Coronavirus fund

The Coronavirus has affected the normal life of the World in an adverse way. Each and every turn of the life has been affected due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Cricket is another aspect which has had adverse affect due to the pandemic. However, in such challenging times various organization have come forward to support the victims in their daily needs. Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) is the latest association to extend their arms to combat the pandemic. The association pledged 25 Lakhs to the state administration to tackle the unseen demon.

Cricket Stands for Unity: CAB

The Bengal Cricket association became the firs state association to come forward to support government’s cause. CAB President Avishek Dalmiya also extended his support to the cause. He pledged Rs 5 Lakh of his personal capital to the state administration. Avishek informed the press that they are in talks with the state administration over how to transfer the funds.  He said “”We have decided to donate a sum of Rs 25 lakh and personally I will be donating Rs 5 lakh. We’re in talks with the state government on how to donate the money.”  He further added in his interview with PTI “We are perhaps going through the darkest phase of human civilisation when worldwide lives have been lost to novel coronavirus. Cricket stands for Unity. It also stands for humanity. Therefore, we have decided to donate the amount to the Emergency Relief Fund to be used in combating this disease.”

Saurav Ganguly also stated in an earlier statement that this is an urgency and everyone should work in unision. She said said the CAB is ready to give its training facility if needed.  Ganguly wrote: “If government asks us, we will certainly hand over the facility. Anything that is need of the hour, we will do it. There is absolutely no problem,” Sourav Ganguly said.

Ganguly supported the decision of PM’s shutdown. Earlier in the day he took on Instagram and posted “Never thought would see my city like this .. stay safe .. this will change soon for the better …love and affection to all…,” Ganguly posted on his Twitter page alongside images of deserted roads.

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