Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother has asked him for this ‘Last Wish’ before she dies ! Know what it is

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother Maria Dolores Santos who is quite famous by now for making some shocking and unknown revelations about her son has made the headlines again, this time due to a wish that she made public recently. In a recently taken interview, the Portuguese said that she wants to see her son Cristiano return to Portugal to play for his boyhood club Sporting Clube de Portugal, which was also the club where the Portuguese talisman started his football career. In a mocking manner, she added that if not Cristiano then she wants her grandson Cristianinho or Cristiano Jr to represent Sporting CP before she dies.

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What Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother said

“Ronaldo has to come back here, for me he would already be here. He likes to watch Sporting games. I already told him: ‘Son, before I die I want to see you go back to Sporting’. ‘Let’s see…’ he said. But if it’s not him, it’s Cristianinho! At his age he plays better than Ronaldo. At the time, Ronaldo had no coach, but today Ronaldo is his son’s teacher. And he already told him: ‘Dad, when we go to live in Lisbon I want to play at Sporting’. Now it’s starting in Manchester. Seeing the two together at Sporting was my dream, it was spectacular,” she confessed, in conversation with comedian Guilherme Geirinhas.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother Maria Dolores Santos during the interview

Even when there was a widespread uncertainty as to which club Cristiano Ronaldo will join after leaving Juventus, his mother had claimed that he will try convincing Cristiano Ronaldo to make a return move to Sporting CP. This gives us an idea as to how much dearly she wants to see her son in the colours of his boyhood club.

“Ronaldo, coming here, will compensate with sweater sales. In Manchester it was crazy!”, assumes Dolores, also revealing a conversation with his son about the rumors that linked him to Manchester… City, rival of the red devils. “On television there was talk in Manchester City, but he said to me: ‘Mother, don’t worry about what they’re saying, because I’m going to Manchester (United)’. I said I liked it a lot and he made me feel free. Seeing the stadium full, with 75,000 people, singing his name was a very great emotion,” Maria added.

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