Delhi Capitals CEO opens up about the Secret conversation between Ashwin and Ponting.

Delhi Capitals News: The conversation between Ricky Ponting and Ravichandran Ashwin regarding the Mankading issue was trending on social media just a few days ago. Now, the Delhi Capitals CEO, Dhiraj Malhotra, has come out and stated that people misinterpreted Ponting’s comments on the issue. He cleared the rumours of a hard feeling between the Delhi Capitals Head coach and the premier off-spinner. Ponting earlier said that he will have a ‘hard conversation’ with Ravichandran Ashwin regarding the Mankading issue after reaching UAE.

The former Australian skipper revealed that he will not allow his team’s players to resort to mankading. This created an uproar in social media regarding a possible rift between him and Ashwin. However, Ravi Ashwin later clarified that Ponting’s comments were drawn out of context. Both of them had a conversation on a video conference in their respective hotel rooms during the six days quarantine period in UAE. Both of them reached a common conclusion that a batsman is cheating if he back off too far before a bowler delivers the ball.

Delhi Capitals News Ricky Ponting and Ravi Ashwin

“It was totally taken out of context. Ponting was having banter with his friends back home, it was not how it was portrayed. Both are very serious cricketers and top personalities. They had already spoken about it in a chat show. They had a very good conversation about it. It is important that they have cleared the air. There are no hard feelings at all,”  DC CEO told Khaleej Times. (Delhi Capitals News)

Ricky Ponting earlier cleared out that he agrees with Ravichandran Ashwin. (Delhi Capitals News)

Ricky Ponting and Ravichandran Ashwin Delhi Capitals News 2020

Ashwin mankaded Jos Buttler in IPL 2019, who was backing off too far before he delivered the ball. This created a huge controversy in the cricket fraternity and social media. people had mixed receptions to Ashwin’s antics. However, Ponting in his latest interview to has stated that he understands Ashwin’s idea behind it and agreed that the batsman is cheating in such case. (Delhi Capitals News)


“He (Ashwin) made me get on a podcast with him when I first arrived here to have a good open chat about it. I think we’re both on the same page. He feels he did everything in the rules and laws of the game, and he’s absolutely right,” Ponting had said.

However, Ponting even said that Ashwin should not still resort to such antics and instead should warn the batsman. Then, he can resort to mankading if the batsman repeats it again. (Delhi Capitals News)

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