Dhoni VS Kohli: Gambhir highlights the 1 captaincy difference between them

Gautam Gambhir Highlights The Major Captaincy Style Difference Between Virat Kohli And MS Dhoni

Dhoni VS Kohli: The IPL 2020 is just a matter of days away. In the build-up to the IPL, former India opener and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) captain, Gautam Gambhir, has revealed the major difference in the captaincy styles of MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Gambhir also spoke about the major flaws and weaknesses in the RCB squad. He stated how the team management’s patience and the captain’s faith can serve as a boost for the team to mask those flaws.

Virat Kohli has earlier said that he has a good feeling about RCB’s squad this year. Gambhir feels that it is very vital for the captain to trust his players and give them 6-7 matches before dropping them from the team. He feels that if you are not sure with the playing XI, then this chopping and changing will come. According to Gambhir, MS Dhoni gives a long stretch of opportunities to his players, which is the major difference between him and Kohli. (Dhoni VS Kohli)

Dhoni VS Kohli

“What Virat Kohli has said, when you are happy with your squad as a captain, you would have already planned which playing XI you want to play. If you are satisfied, then the calmness also comes along. Because there are times that you do not come to know your best XI in the entire tournament and that is why you make a lot of changes,” Gambhir said during the latest episode of Star Sports’ Cricket Connected. (Dhoni VS Kohli)


“The biggest difference between Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni is that Dhoni persists with his players for 6-7 matches. If you see RCB’s trend, they make changes very quickly because they have a doubt that their Playing XI does not have a proper balance,” he added.

Gautam Gambhir still feels that RCB is a batting heavy unit. (Dhoni VS Kohli)

Dhoni VS Kohli

Gambhir urged the Indian and RCB skipper to keep faith on his players and persist with the playing XI. He feels that players perform well when they do not have to constantly worry about losing their spot in the playing XI. 

“So I would want to see from RCB that even if the start is not good, they should persist with their playing XI and give them 6-7 matches. Because then only the players will give you performances and not if you give one or two matches.

If they start with Moeen Ali, they should give him 6-7 matches. If he doesn’t perform in the beginning, they should not get in another player. So if Virat Kohli has a calmness in his mind that this is the most balanced squad, the important thing will be how they perform and how much he persists with these players,” the 38-year-old asserted. (Dhoni VS Kohli)

The former KKR captain analysed RCB’s squad this year and stated that the team is still a batting heavy team. However, the bowlers can still perform well as they will not have to bowl in the flat pitches of the Chinnaswami Stadium. The bigger boundaries can help bowlers like Umesh Yadav and Navdeep Saini and also serve as a boon for solving death bowling issues.

“I still feel that RCB look a little batting-heavy. But one thing that you will see a little different is that the bowlers will be happy because they will not have to play 7 matches at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. You will be playing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which probably have bigger grounds, wickets are not as flat as Chinnaswamy. (Dhoni VS Kohli)

It is always difficult to judge the bowlers from Chinnaswamy’s point of view. India’s smallest ground and the flattest wicket is in Chinnaswamy, so bowlers will be happier and you might see a better performance from bowlers like Umesh Yadav and Navdeep Saini,” concluded Gambhir. (Dhoni VS Kohli)

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