Difference between Finger Spin and Wrist Spin

Spin bowlers have always created ripples with their tremendous wicket-taking abilities. However, only a handful of people know the difference between different types of spin bowling. Therefore, we bring to you the major difference between the two different types of spin bowling in cricket.

Finger spin:

You grip the ball in between your fingers and let it roll between them to collect the turn. Historically called the orthodox bowling, it’s a neater craft compared to its unorthodox counterpart. For a right arm finger spin (or off-spin) bowler, the quality delivery turns to the proper (i.e., into a right-arm batsman) and therefore the doosra (the second one) turns the opposite way around. Other variations are the arm-ball, which is that the quicker delivery, and therefore the carrom ball where the bowler uses his finger to tap the ball upon release for additional speed.

Wrist spin:

Widely considered the craftier art, it’s also more prized because the standard delivery of a right-arm wrist spinner (or leg-spinner) takes the ball faraway from the right-hand batsmen. (It’s often hard to counter the deliveries moving far away from you because you’ll easily miscue it or edge it to the slips). because the name suggests, the turn comes from the complete rotation of the wrists and depending upon the purpose of release, the quality ball could even be made to show the opposite way around (which is that the infamous googly or “the wrong-one”). It’s this flexibility that permits leg-spinners to be somewhat more of a wicket-taking option. They even have other deliveries just like the top spinner or the leg break which has the turn towards the crease and accelerates after pitching. However, they typically have a lower release point and garner less bounce (unless you’re Anil Kumble, who exploited his height and longer stride to get the bounce), so it’s easier to require them to the cleaners also. In short, playing leg-spinner may be a gambit; and that they perform the simplest in tandem with an orthodox bowler unless you’re this guy.

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