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Do Bowlers In Cricket Wear Guards? Is This Allowed?

On the internet, a lot of people ask does bowlers in cricket wear guards. Is this allowed or not? What is the mystery behind it? It is important to know whether the bowlers can wear guards or not. Wearing an abdominal guard is normal or not for bowlers. Come let’s learn this in this article.

Bowlers In Cricket Wear Guards

Do Bowlers In Cricket Wear Guards?

Does the bowlers in cricket wear guards or not? If we look at the abdominal guard, it is not allowed. Bowler is not allowed to wear guards. It is completely illegal. But by looking at the modern-day complexities of this fast-evolving game, now bowlers should be allowed to wear a guard. It is not known why wearing guards is not allowed for bowlers.

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Is Wearing Guards Allowed To Bowlers?

As per the law, bowlers are not allowed to wear guards. But as per looking at this fast game, it should be allowed now for safety measures. A lot of umpires have now also started wearing helmets for safety, Umpires have also started wearing abdominal guards and some innovative guards on arms. Those umpires are Bruce Oxenford and some more. There is no proper reason why the bowlers are not allowed to wear the guards.

It is made for self-protection but is completely shocking that bowlers are not allowed to take care of their protection. Some people claim that wearing guards can irritate bowlers or they feel uncomfortable while bowling mostly for the fast bowlers. This is a personal perspective of a source but BCCI has never given an official reason behind this.

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