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Do Cricket Players Wash Their Jerseys? Or Wear New Jersey?

Have you ever been wondering thinking cricket players were jerseys or not? Do they have only one jersey for the entire tournament? This question has come into the minds of many people. But there is a very secret reality behind it which most of the people do not know. The reality has been revealed by one of the famous Cricket personalities. To know who is that cricket personality and what is the reality, just read this blog till the end.


Do Cricket Players Wash Their Jerseys?

Cricket players don’t need to wash their jerseys. It is because they receive a lot of sets of jerseys in every single tournament. They receive a bunch of sets of jerseys and they can also order some more jerseys in the tournament if they want. But during the match, if the cricket players find that their jerseys have gone dirty and muddy they can wash their jerseys. A laundry option is available on the ground. They can give their jersey for washing and then let it dry and then they can wear it again.

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This information has been shared by Ajit Agarkar, who is a former Cricket player. He said that every single player gets a set of jerseys for a tour, they can always get more if they want. So for a 4-Test series, he had gotten between 6 to 8 and he was happy with that. They can get some more jerseys if they want at any time.

Cricket players wash their jerseys regularly. Just like athletes in other sports, cricket players wear jerseys that can become dirty and sweaty at the time of matches. They wash their jerseys after each use inessential to maintain hygiene, remove dirt and sweat, and also make sure that the jerseys are properly clean and fresh for the next match.

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