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Do Puma And Adidas Manufacture Cricket Bats?

In the market of cricket equipment, we have often seen a lot of cricket bats from Puma and Adidas companies. However, Adidas has officially stopped selling cricket equipment including bats. But still, when those bats were in the market they were the highest-selling bat and Puma is still now the highest-selling brand. But there is a question, whether these two brands manufacture bats on their own or not. To know this, read this blog now.

Cricket Bats

Do Puma And Adidas Manufacture Cricket Bats?

Puma and Adidas, both are the most famous brands in making sports dresses and equipment. They are known for manufacturing athletic and sporting equipment, dresses, and footwear. However, it is confirmed that they are not officially associated with manufacturing cricket bats.

Yes, this is true. Bats are usually produced by specialized companies that make their focus on cricket equipment and have expertise in making high quality suited for the sport.

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Who Manufactures Cricket Bats?

Cricket bat manufacturing has been the domain of companies like Kookaburra, Gunn & Moore, and others. These companies have a very wide history and they have a great reputation for making quality bats.

All these companies invest in research and development to make bats that meet the specific needs of cricket players.

Adidas and Puma, both of the brands are not manufacturers of bats. They occasionally produce limited edition or promotional cricket equipment as the official part of their broader sports equipment offering.

For high-quality cricket bats, cricketers look to established cricket equipment manufacturers with a very strong reputation in the world of sports.

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