England Star Finally Breaks Silence On Embarrassing Moment Caught On Camera

Ben Stokes had turned out to be the cult hero for England on various occasions because of his all-rounder role on the pitch. This time, he was in the spotlight for some other reasons that are quite embarrassing, to say the least. In the ongoing test series between England and West Indies, the vice-captain of the team seem to be on the wrong end of having an upset tummy as he was pictured with a brown stain on his trousers when the camera rolled him during his fielding duties.

The picture went viral throughout the Internet with fans busy in unravelling the mystery behind that strain on social media platforms. Teammate Joe Root also had a laugh at this.

Ben Stokes clarifies the reason behind 'brown stain' on his trousers

This comes as one of the funniest and weird moment for everyone involved and they wondered what the New Zealand born skipper will come up with.  Stokes finally came with a reply to one of those reports by tweeting, ‘Sat in Split Coffee FYI’ with two laughing emoji. It is no hidden fact that it was not coffee strain after all.

Unfortunate for Stokes that he is in the limelight for the most part due to his exploits on a manner involving more of cricket but he caught up with something else this time around and an embarrassing one.

The Gary Linekar Tale

The sporting world had displayed such an embarrassing act in the past too with the most memorable event occurring in the 1990 FIFA World cup when Gary Lineker pooped his pants during a live game with cameras rolling on him. That was something you never want to happen in such a huge event especially being a sportsperson but unfortunately for Lineker, it was something out of his hands. He later explained by saying, “I had a bit of a Dickie stomach, I do not know where it came from. I managed to get through the first half despite terrible stomach cramps. It is a World Cup, you know. You cannot say ‘Excuse me, ref, is it alright if I pop off for five minutes?” Hilarious!!!

Tim Paine Could Relate To The England Cricketer

Australian test team captain Tim Paine also recalled such an event while playing at Old Trafford and also interestingly Ben Stokes present on the pitch. He told during the fourth test match of the coveted Ashes series, Paine caught up with an ugly stomach. And after he caught up with the excitement of his boys winning the game and the series, he gave in out of pressure.

How Tim Paine became Australia captain - Sequence of events ...

“Because I was a bit unwell, it was a bit runny. You could hear it hit the ground,” was his word for the incident. 

So, Stokes lined himself up with these men who had a thing or to say about the most forgettable moment of their career. It is sure that this will live long in the minds of his fans alongside his heroics efforts with the team. Maybe, the England international should take digestive measurements in a way to prevent dirtying their trousers. Just kidding!!

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