Eric Cantona: a real legend

Manchester United have produced variety of world class players in their ranks since the inception of the club. one among them is that the French ace Eric Cantona who is taken into account together of the legends to possess graced the pitch at Old Trafford, the theatre of dreams.

Cantona has been a vibrant character throughout his career and was the most man behind variety of controversies. From his trademark celebration to getting into a brawl with the fans, the previous Manchester United forward gave the football fans some ephemeral memories to be cherished. within the following lines we’ll have a glance at a couple of such memories which have made him a controversial character on the pitch and off it also .

His style

Eric Cantona’s styling sense has always been the talk about the town. He kept his collars high always which carried a message of domination onto the pitch. It not only put up the image of an indomitable foward ahead of the opposition but also helped him to determine himself as a standout player. Both ways, it helped him in taking control over the proceedings on the sector and also put a psychological pressure on the opposition.

His attitude

The different sorts of celebrations by Cantona were the highlights of his career. They were outrageous sometimes and carried a message, which were delivered subtly and sometimes directly towards the fans of his own also as opposition fans. It definitely added to the color of his character.

When he kicked a spectator

Yes, he did that and with zero regrets. On 25th January 1995, Cantona had to face a lengthy ban for launching a Kung Fu style kick on a Crystal Palace fan after he abused him during his answer of the pitch. He followed the assauly by two punches and had to face a considerable time on the sidelines. However, he was unapologetic about the incident and when he was asked about his violent behaviour during a news conference , Cantona replied, “When the seagulls chase a trawler, they expect sardines to be thrown at them. many thanks considerably .

His comments about Didier Deschamps

Cantona isn’t known to be very friendly with France’s World Cup winning coach Didier Deschamps. the connection hit a replacement low after he made a controversial comment about the then Juventus player in 1996. The Manchester United didn’t any plan to pull his punches as he said, “Deschamps gets by because he always gives 100 per cent, but he will never be anything quite a water carrier”

i’m Cantona!

After his retirement from football, Cantona famously took to acting and played a task in Ken Loach’s film ‘Looking for Eric’. within the movie, he came to the assistance of Manchester United fan Eric Bishop and rescue him. The postman looks to form his way through a mid-life crisis, Cantona inspires him by saying, “I am not a person , i’m Cantona.” The scene made him famous among the United fans even more.

However controversial his comments and actions could also be , Cantona’s influence on Manchester United and their fans is undeniable even till date. On his 53rd birthday, we take the chance to wish a hail and hearty life ahead and stay just be his flamboyant self. We doff our proverbial hat to you, King Cantona!

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