Cesc Fabregas recalls the first time he met Lionel Messi at La Masia: Bids Goodbye in emotional tweet

It is now official that Lionel Messi will be parting ways with FC Barcelona this summer after 18 years of selfless service and the football world has been reduced to ruins ever since the heartbreaking news was made public. Amid rumours of FC Barcelona’s statement being a pre-planned strategy to pressurize LaLiga, Joan Laporta totally debunked them yesterday when he made it clear in the press conference that this was not a bluff.

With this having been made official, Lionel Messi’s present and former teammates have all bid him farewell through their social media handles but Cesc Fabregas’s emotional tweet was special and it will forever live in the hearts of the Barca fans rent-free.

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Cesc Fabregas and Leo Messi have been childhood friends ever since their days at La Masia. Messi joined FC Barcelona’s youth setup in the year 2000 at an early age of 13. Cesc Fabregas, who was already a La Masia student at that time, was also the same age as Messi.

On the occasion of Lionel Messi leaving FC Barcelona, the ex-Barca player recalled the very special story of the day when he first met the Leo at La Masia.

Cesc Fabregas recalls the first time he met Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi and Cesc Fabregas during their time together at La Masia

“I will always remember the day you came to the dressing room when I was 13 years old and they told us that a boy from Argentina was coming to try. You sat down and didn’t speak the whole time. The coach told me in the 1v1 exercise to be strong against you, I saw you so small, that I thought”

“In a second I would take it away from you. Silly of me, you left me on the floor and from then on I saw that you were something different. My dream was always to play for the barça first team, but doing it with you and Geri always made that dream much more special.”

“In the end, it became a reality and just for the mere fact of feeling football as I felt it playing false 9 with you and seeing the connection that there was, it was all worth it.You go like him like the best player of all time. It will never be the same to see barça without you.”

Cesc Fabregas’ twitter thread

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The midfielder then concluded his twitter thread by wishing Lionel Messi best of luck for his future endeavours.

“Thank you for everything you have given and everything you are, because behind that competitive animal, there is a spectacular, humble, familiar and generous person.

“I wish you the best from my heart, Anto, Thiagui, Mateo and Ciro. Surely you will be happy wherever you go. I love you”

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