Facts of Kabaddi – Part 1

1. Kabaddi is called a “game of masses”

The kabaddi has been one of the foremost well-known games played in India since its cause. it’s frequently called the ’round of the majority’s an immediate result of its shocking open intrigue and simplicity.

it’s been played everywhere India and everyone through the state

Kabaddi has picked up significance separated from different games given its one among a sort highlights and massive fan base. 

A person who sits to observe kabaddi won’t arrive from watching that game. it’s been commended universally

2. The official game of more than one state in India

No one knows where the word kabaddi originates from and a few accept that it’s begun from Tamil word kai-pidi, which actually intends to clasp hands. 

it’s the state round of Tamil Nadu

Indian individuals follow its underlying foundations that this game originated from Tamil Nadu and that they announced kabaddi as a state round of Tamil Nadu

Some different states that made kabaddi as state game are Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Punjab.

3. The Mahabharata refers to Kabaddi too.

The starting points of kabaddi can be followed back to around 4,000 years prior in antiquated India on the off chance that one is to accept antiquarians. 

The game has been referenced in numerous fanciful books, the most huge of which is its reference in the Mahabharata during Abhimanyu’s fight with the Kauravas. 

Buddhist writing likewise uncovers that Lord Gautama Buddha additionally played this game, frequently for diversion. 

So at long last, the game kabaddi has its reality from the previous history and made its.

4. Kabaddi has its diversity in its name

Team Pro Kabaddi

Kabaddi is understood by various names in various conditions of India since this game is that the state round of a good range of states. 

Presently we will see the decent varieties for the sake of kabaddi.

 In southern India, it’s called Chedugudu, while in certain pieces of the North it’s alluded to as Kaunda. 

within the East, the sport has been initiated Ha-Do-Do while within the Western piece of the state, it’s called Hu-Tu-Tu. 

the sport has gigantic significance in India’s neighboring nations like Bangladesh and Nepal as well.

it’s even got the status of Bangladesh’s national game. 


the sport is played in numerous countries, for instance, Maldives, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, and therefore the USA, among others.

5. Kabaddi at the Olympics

India was answerable for displaying this great physical game before the world at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. 

The Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal of Amravati, Maharashtra exhibited the game expertly at the Games, which was kabaddi’s first worldwide introduction. 

Only two years after the fact, kabaddi was presented at the Indian National Games in Calcutta. 

In 1950, the All India Kabaddi Federation appeared which composed the Senior National Championship from 1952

The Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) was shaped in 1972 and that presented national rivalries at the lesser level as well.

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