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How Effective Was The Lamellar Armor?

In this blog, we are going to look at how effective was the lamellar armor. It is a type of armor that was mostly used to wear in the periods mainly in China, Japan, and Central Asia. Some people claim that it was stiffer than mail and was more protective than the plate. So here we are going to learn everything about this armor, so read this blog till the end.

Lamellar Armor

What Is A Lamellar Armor?

The lamellar armor is a type of body armor that was mostly used in the back of time. It is made from small rectangular plates of iron or steel, leather, bone, or bronze laced into horizontal rows.

In the 14th century, this armor started disappearing and being superseded with plated mail. It is the lamellar attached with mail.

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Was Lamellar Armor Effective?

As per the reviews of it, some people claim that it was very effective and some say it doesn’t. It was better than scale armor it was very easy and it was cheap. But people cannot armor the joints with lamellar. It is affecting the protection well enough against thrusts.

This armor is stiff because of that it is better than ail as per the opinion of people who have used it when fighting on foot. Keeping lamellar is quite tedious, this is something modern-day history re-enactors complain about a lot.

These armors also do not cover the limbs which is why some people claim that mail is better than it in protecting movable parts of the body.

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