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How People In India Started To Shift To Other Sports From Cricket?

Now a time we are seeing that people in India have started to shift to other sports from Cricket. People are now shifting to watch football, basketball, boxing, and other sports. Now people mostly love to watch international sports. To know what is the reason behind the shift of people, read this blog till the end and do not miss anything.


How People In India Started To Shift To Other Sports From Cricket?

Cricket is one of the biggest and most popular sports in India. In recent years, there has been a shocking increase in interest in some other sports. People in India have started loving other sports now like football, kabaddi, basketball, and boxing.

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This started happening because of the success of the Indian national teams in these sports and also because of the growth of domestic leagues and tournaments.

The government has been promoting the development of sports infrastructure and also encouraging participation in a variety of sports.

It is very important to learn that cricket is always going to remain the most famous sport in India and also it will continue to have a large fan base and following.

Experience Of People From Cricket To Other Sports

Some people who have shifted from cricket to other sports have shared their experiences. They have claimed that they were hardcore cricket fans. But since the time Indian cricket team has been shifting to downfall and didn’t win any international tournaments since the time they have started losing their interest in it and started shifting to other sports.

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