How To Become An F1 Pit Crew Member? F1 Pit Crew Member Salary

How To Become An F1 Pit Crew Member: F1 pit crew workers prepare the race car to return to the track as fast and efficiently as possible while avoiding errors. When a car arrives for a pit stop, each crew member has a specific job to play to make an efficient, coordinated pit stop.

How To Become An F1 Pit Crew Member?

How To Become An F1 Pit Crew Member: As you can see, working on an F1 pit crew is a demanding and fast-paced profession. However, if going through this information makes this job appear to be one of the greatest professions available, continue reading to find out exactly what you need to do to assist yourself in acquiring a position in a Formula 1 pit crew team.

It seems doubtful that an F1 pit crew job will be posted. Pit crew member jobs are frequently filled by existing race team personnel, like engineers, truck drivers, technicians, etc. However, those who serve in the post will require further training and practice.

Because teams like to employ from inside, working for a Formula 1 team in any capacity boosts your chances of becoming a pit crew member one day. Mechanics and engineers are more likely to be picked for pit crew positions since they already have a deep knowledge of the vehicles.

How To Become An F1 Pit Crew Member

What Qualifications Do You Need To Join An F1 Pit Crew?

To Become An F1 Pit Crew Member, you must fulfill various informal requirements, including certification in pit crew training, knowledge of the automobile and motorsport industries, and sufficient physical fitness. These factors ensure that an F1 team has access to the most qualified pit crew members for efficient, fast pit stops.

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How To Applying For F1 Pit Crew Jobs?

Becoming a Formula 1 pit crew member is a challenging task. There are presently just ten Formula One team. With two vehicles in each squad, there are 20 pit crews for whom you might work. However, those teams have yet to have any available positions. Even if a team wants to add a person to their pit crew, the application procedure could be more straightforward.

Your first priority should be getting a position on a race team. This could mean taking a non-racing position with a Formula One company and working up to the racing side of things. Formal schooling as a mechanic or engineer will help you get your foot in the door.

Once you’ve got a job with a race team, apply internally for a pit crew Member. Each team’s application system format is different. Even if the team does not hire you as a mechanic or engineer, you will most likely be allowed to apply for a place on the pit crew if you are not needed elsewhere during the race.

You are unlikely to be a top candidate if you do not have a mechanical/engineering background. Even if you have that background, if you can show that you know this well, are highly driven, and can do tasks fast, you may be given a chance.

How To Become An F1 Pit Crew Member

How Do They All Work Together?

Although these responsibilities are critical to getting the driver to the finish line safely and successfully, not all crew members can work simultaneously. After all, there can be up to twenty participants, and the average pit stop lasts less than 10 seconds. A standard Formula One car will take roughly 10 seconds to reach the pit lane and approach the garage. The driver then ensures the vehicle is neutral and keeps his foot on the brake. The pit crew may then begin working on the car.

Within the first second, air cannons loosen the vehicle’s wheel nuts. Meanwhile, the jack workers use their jacks to lift the car off the ground from both the front and rear. Due to the challenging time limits related to pit stops, Formula One restricts the number of pit crew members authorized to work on a vehicle during a pit stop. Currently, only five crew members may jump over the wall at the same time.

How Much Does an F1 Pit Crew Member Earn?

F1 pit crew members can earn between $20,000 to six figures, depending on their position. Fire extinguishers and car restarters are the lowest paid members since they are only used in emergencies. Crew members on the most effective teams are highly paid.

Pit MembersAnnual SalaryWinning Bonus
Fire Extinguisher Man$30,000$250
Starter Man$40,000$250
Lollipop Man$70,000$250
Wing Men$150,000$500
Jack Men$150,000$500
Tyre Carriers$270,000$2,500
Tyre Changers$350,000$2,500
Refueling Person$350,000$2,500
Crew Chief$1 Million$5000
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