The world seems to be mesmerizing when the most expensive player in the world nutmegs some of the greatest defenders on the field with his lethal skill. Commonly known as  Neymar Jr, who on moving from Fc Barcelona with a release clause of over €222 million to Paris Saint-German, makes the headline as the most expensive transfer ever in football history. Initially, he was struggling to find his place among that of Cavani and Mbappe but eventually picked up his pace and formed a deadly attacking trident upfront in French Ligue history.      

Some of the world-renowned football pundits like Martin Tyler questions on the level of skill that Neymar possesses. Starting off his footballing career in a Brazilian club Santos, he started playing as a left-attacking striker and used to start out wide in the wings of the field. Muricy Ramalho, the then coach of Santos, always used to motivate the next generation by letting them watch videos of Neymar during his training session in Santos. He taught them that to be skilful like Neymar, “you have to come inside from the wing and have to dribble fast with changing direction”.  The famous Manchester United and Real Madrid star, David Beckham quoted, “It’s been clear ever since he signed for Fc Barcelona team Santos at 21, his mobility, agility accelerated with sheer hard work and practice that increases his skills”. His former teammate Luis Suarez commented, “Neymar jr.’s specific style is what you need to adapt if you want to be like an expert like him”. Assuming on these facts, one can able to increase their skill like that of Neymar’s typical attacking mentality of outside-in where he suddenly cuts in through defenders is by running through the left flank of his opponent’s D box.

The footballing world seemed overwhelmed when Neymar jr. joined Barcelona to form the most destructive attacking trio along with Suarez and arguably the greatest of all time, Lionel Messi. Barcelona under Luis Enrique incorporated deadly attacking football in Blaugrana colours afterPep’s “take the ball and pass the ball” style. Neymar was a key player in Enrique’s system where he used to cover up most of the field dribbling through defenders or sprinting through the holes and used to pass the ball to Suarez. Astonishing right? No. Neymar played his most clutch matches in UEFA Champions League where he offered them the title after departure of Pep and his Tiki-Taka. In words of Enrique, Neymar jr used to follow a strict workout regime of 3 sets of 12 reps along with walking barbell rotations to keep himself agile. This regime grants this superstar with added balance and acceleration that made him so likely to fit in Enrique’s system and made the Catalonian fans proud. Moreover, to understand Neymar’s active presence of mind, you have to watch his off-the-ball position himself right in the holes of opponent players where he can receive the ball from Xavi and provide it to Messi or Suarez.

A footballer might acquire skills like him; however, it is quite impossible to be an active team player like Neymar that gave him and Barcelona a whooping sextuple in his prime.

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