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IPL Might happen under closed doors

The Lockdown 4.0 has finally brought some good news for the sports fans. Cricket fans, in particular, are very excited about the news decisions taken by the Central Government. The latest order issued by the decision-makers to allow sport under the closed doors has further boosted weeks. Another glimmer of hope which the fans have received in the prospect of IPL 2020 is the latest order by the sports minister Kiren Rijju who has allowed various sports federations to organize the sports events if they manage to follow and maintain the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  

BCCI will hold IPL 2020 behind closed doors:

Kiren Rijju informed the news agency ANI of Tuesday about the government’s decision to allow the federations to hold their respective events. He said “If any sports federation wants to organize a sports event, they can do it in the stadium. But they have to ensure that the Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) are being followed properly. All the conduct has to be carried out with certain discipline”

The order will come as a boost to BCCI who are pursuing the idea of IPL behind closed reports. Some reports suggest that a few franchises such as Chennai Super Kings are opposed to the idea of organizing the mega tournament behind closed doors but might be inclined to agree with BCCI’s suggestion considering the scenario.

Several sporting events such as Bundesliga have already started in different parts of the World. The Spanish football league and English Premier League are also looking for suitable dates to restart their season. The following orders from Home Ministry Affairs “Sports complexes and stadia will be permitted to open, however, spectators won’t be allowed,” on 17th paved the initial way for the return of cricket in the nation.

According to reports, the cancellation of IPL will incur a direct loss of 4000 Cr to BCCI.

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