IPL suspended until further notice

The cricket fans have received a setback amidst the coronavirus lockdown. The Board of Cricket Control in India has called off the IPL until further notice on the pretext of the global outbreak of Covid-19. The mega tournament scheduled for 29th March this year was pushed to 15th April after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown in the entire nation to tackle the crisis created by the pandemic.

First Cancelation:

The cash-rich league has never been called off in its 12 seasons of existence. The league saw fears of cancelation during 2009, in its second season. However, the tournament was scheduled in South Africa, where Deccan Chargers came triumphant. There have been few other instances when the league was on the verge of getting called off, but BCCI has always tackled the situation head-on and have managed to keep the league adrift from such hindrances.
The league was pushed to 15th April this season after the announcement of Lockdown. However, after the further announcement of Lockdown in the nation named Lockdown 2.0 by the pundits, BCCI has called off the tournament until further notice.

What does the future hold for IPL?

The decision will prove to be a massive setback for the BCCI. The board has declared the league may or may not be played in the September-October window depending upon the global situation. The league is often tagged as the money-making machine for BCCI by the pundits and hence become very important for BCCI’s revenue. BCCI might take the option of hosting the league in a foreign country or might choose to organize the tournament behind the closed doors. However, the availability of international players, especially in the profoundly affected countries such as England, will remain a factor.

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