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Is It Legal To Bowl Wearing A Cap In Cricket?

In cricket, we have seen many speculations in which some turn out as necessary and some as unnecessary. Similarly, there is one speculation that a bowler cannot wear a cap in cricket while bowling. It is not legal. It is claimed by many people. So here we are going to check whether it is true or not. We are going to whether is it legal to bow wearing a cap or not. So read this blog now.


Is Bowling Wearing A Cap In Cricket legal?

Yes, blowing wearing a cap in cricket is completely legal. There is no specific rule that states the bowler cannot wear a cap while bowling. But yes, there is one thing that the batsman can ask an umpire to ask the bowler to take the cap off if it is coming in the way of the sight screen in any way.

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Many famous bowlers such as Fawad Alam have been seen bowling wearing a cap. He was first seen bowling wearing a cap during an Australia tour of the UAE.

But a fielder cannot wear a cap or hat to take a catch or stop the ball in any way. If a fielder does it the batting side will be required with 5 penalty runs.

There is one major point that the cap should not fall off during the bowler’s delivery stride as this can distract the batsman. It can considered as unfair play. If the cap falls during delivery, so the umpire may call a no ball or a dead ball.

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