Is Jofra Archer the new Nostradamus?

The Worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus has put the entire World on a halt. India is one of the nations that have taken the strictest action against Covid-19. Prime Minister Narendra Modi set the whole country on a 21-day lockdown, which will last till 14th April. A Junta Curfew followed the lockdown on 22nd March. However, Jofra Archer has caught the eyes of fans once against lockdown in India.

What happened?

India organized its first Junta curfew on 22nd March. However, the five minutes of clapping to acknowledge the work of health workers and essential service caught more headlines than the Junta curfew. The celebration induced a sense of positivity amongst the Indians and received a lot of praise from citizens across the nation. Narendra Modi announced another such exercise on Sunday that will be done on 5th April. However, Jofra Archer has made highlights amidst the announcement.

Jofra Archer is making a reputation for people’s Nostradamus. Jofra has recently caught a lot of attention due to his old tweets, which are often strikingly similar to the current situation. Jofra Archer once again caught the eye with his old tweets.

What were Jofra Archer tweets and how were they similar:

PM Narendra Modi announced that he expects people to switch off all the lights and light their candles or lamps. PM also announced that people could also light up their mobile flashlights for lightning. However, fans dug out a few old tweets of Jofra Archer, which were enough to give shrill to the fans. Archer first tweeted, “Tell her I be looking for her with a flashlight.” Another two of his tweets read:

“9 from 9.”

“Light it up.”

“Shudda, turn off the light.”

The tweets were strikingly similar to the current situation and were enough to give shrills. The tweets have followed various older tweets where Jofra Archer posted a remarkably identical situation. The coincidence has forced people to compare Archer to Nostradamus.

What do you think? Can Jofra Archer unknowingly see the future? Tell us in the comments section.

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