ISL 2019-20: Final of ISL on March 14, semi-finals fixtures announced

Playoffs schedule of ISL 2019-20 semifinal:-

Feb 29: Semifinal 1: Chennaiyin FC vs FC Goa (Chennai)

Mar 1: Semifinal 2: Bengaluru FC vs ATK (Bengaluru)

Mar 7: Semifinal 3 – FC Goa vs Chennaiyin FC (Goa)

Mar 8: Semifinal 4 – ATK vs Bengaluru FC (Kolkata)

Mar 14: Final (will be played in Goa).

The final of the Indian Super League ISL 2019 -20 season will be played in Goa on March 14, On wednesday it is announced by league organizers Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL). The dates for semi-finals were also announced in Chennai and Bengaluru and it is two-legged semifinal and the first legs being hosted in Chennai and Bengaluru.

1st semifinal of the Indian Super League will be played between Channaiyin FC and FC Goa on February 29 in Chennai.

Schedule of the playoffs for the indian super league is announced by the Football Sports Development Limited on Wednesday.

2nd semifinal of Indian super league will be played between Bengaluru FC and ATK on march 1 at Bengaluru.

3rd Semifinal of Indian super league will be played between FC Goa and Chennaiyin FC on March 7 at Goa.

In the first leg of Indian super League will be scheduled on 29 feb will be played between FC Goa and Chenniyin at Chennai and on 1 march played between Bengaluru and ATK at Bengaluru.

The second-leg of indian super league are scheduled and to beplayed on March 7 between FC Goa and Chennaiyin FC at goa and on March 8 between ATK and Bengaluru FC at kolkata.

The teams which have highest goal aggregate in their respective two leg ties progress to the final also announce by the organisers of indian super league(ISL).

If scores are tied after two legs payed by teams, in that case rule “away goal” will apply means the team that has scored more away goals will qualify for the final, which is scheduled on 14 march.

If the away goal rule fails to determine a winner, then the second leg will be played for some extra time.

But for the extra time played this rule of away goal will not apply and the team that scores the high goals in extra time playedthat team will win the semi-final match.

If again in that extra time played by both team, if there is no goal or equal number of goals then through the penalty shootout the winner will be decided .

For the Playoffs Yellow cards and cautions accumulated from the indian super league stage will not be carried forward.

However, any suspension because of caution in their last league game will be applicable in the first-leg of semi-final of the indian super league. As a result, A player from team Chennaiyin FC’s Tondonba Singh remains suspended for their home leg playoff.

If a team official or player receives a caution in both first leg nad second leg of their playoffs then he will be suspended for the final of indian super league.

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