“It has been an amazing Journey” – Virat Kohli on RCB

Virat Kohli won the U-19 World Cup as a captain in 2008. The team led by him defeated a strong South African side to grab the ultimate glory at the youth level. The current India captain was soon drafted in the Bangalore based IPL franchise and is the only player in the history of IPL to play so many matches with the same franchise.

However, he has been devoid of the trophy in IPL, and this has haunted him and made him a target for trolls. There have been many chances where Virat Kohli could have asked for a team changed due to the continuous trolling by the hate mongers. However, Virat Kohli won the heart of his fans once again with his words.

“Will never leave IPL- Virat Kohli.”

Kohli recently took to Instagram live with his RCB teammate AB de Villiers. The Indian skipper got emotional and thanked the fans for the fantastic support they gave him in Bangalore. He said, “It has been an amazing journey. It is always going to be our dream, winning the IPL together. There is no scenario where I could think of leaving them ever.”

He also had a candid chat about the recent failures. Kohli stated, “ You can feel emotional about the season not going well, but till I am playing IPL, I am never leaving this team.

The South African counterpart of Virat Kohli, Ab De Villiers, also acknowledged the immense supported he received from the supporters at Royal Challengers Bangalore. ABD said, “Same for me. I never want to leave RCB, but to do that, I got to keep scoring runs.” ABD jokingly added, “I am not the captain, you see.”

The lockdown, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, has put an indefinite break on IPL. However, Virat Kohli said that he is confident that, at some point, the mega event will return to the forefront. He said, “We have no clarity at this moment, but I am optimistic that at some stage we will have something.”

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