“I’ve been a victim to myself”: Jose Mourinho opens up on his recent lack of success

Portuguese tactician Jose Mourinho is widely regarded as one of the best managers in the history of European football. Afterall, not many managers have had the fortune of winning the UEFA Champions League with an underdog team like Porto. Mourinho, when he marked his entry into the list of the all time greatests, had created a playing style of his own – the one that is now called as ‘parking the bus’ and depending on counters.

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Mourinho’s reign at the top, unfortunately, did not last long. The emergence of the modern high pressing football disclosed the loopholes in Mourinho’s style of play, and the Portuguese failed to cope up with the abrupt developments. Jose Mourinho is therefore called ‘old school’ for his ideologies by many football enthusiasts.

What Jose Mourinho has said

Jose Mourinho thinks that he is a ‘Victim to himself’

In a recent interview that Mourinho gave to João Gabriel, he admitted that he has been a ‘victim to himself’, talking about his recent downfall.

“I’ve been a little victim to myself. If I could, it would be one of the things I didn’t repeat. I won, I won and I won. I entered a dynamic where not winning seemed like the end of the world,” he began by saying. “I myself, by my personality, fostered this a little, that everything is always to win, win or win. When I came to situations where it was very difficult to do so, while for other coaches it was something acceptable, for me it was always considered insufficient, it was a failure,” he considered.

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Mourinho nevertheless stressed that his way of being, “sincere and honest”, could not be denied by his players: “I always told my players: in me you will find an honest guy. The guy who tells you the truth, who tells you the things you want and those you don’t want to hear. Someday, you can say that I was a bad coach, that I was a cab…, but no one will say that I was not sincere and honest. I can’t differentiate players by statute,” he concluded.

A few months ago, ‘The Special One’ was discharged from his duties at Tottenham Hotspurs mid-season due to unknown reasons. About a week later, he was appointed as the new head coach of Serie A side A.S Roma. The upcoming season will be Jose Mourinho’s first outing with his side. This is the first time that Mourinho will be managing a Serie A side.

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