“Jaldi out Hoga” Shoaib Akhtar trolls a kid who wanted to be Shahid Afridi

Shoaib Akhtar, the former speedster of Pakistan was always known for his scare pace. He had the capability of hitting the deck at a scary pace of 150 kmph regularly. The right-hand pacer could scare the batsman just on the back of his scary pace and was always a feared opponent for most teams. Akhtar was also popular for his sledging in his entire career and often had strong words for his counterparts.

Well, the pacer hasn’t changed his habits and still has strong opinions on a host of topics. Shoaib Akhtar always remains in headlines for some of the other reasons. The latest reason which has made the speedster trend is his casual and humorous way of trolling his captain Shahid Afridi.

Shoaib Akhtar trolls Shahid Afridi in a video:

Recently a video surfaced in which Shoaib Akhtar can be seen interacting with kids. Akhtar asked a kid about his ambitions when he grows up. The kid answered that he wants to be Shahid Afridi. The fast bowler immediately gave a humorous reply to the kids stating “Jaldi Out Hoga.”

Afridi who is one of the best cricketers to play for Pakistan was often known for his irresponsible batting. His rogue behavior often cost the game to Pakistan due to his vague shots. The former skipper of Pakistan was often a subject of criticism for his fans and followers.

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However, this same behavior and risk-taking approach made Shahid Afridi a living legend in Pakistani cricket. He smashed the Sri Lankan bowling for a century in just 37 bowls and earned the record of the fastest century in an ODI. His record stood for over two decades until Corey Anderson broke the record.

However, the rash batting of Shahid Afridi has also made him a subject of debate for long. He has the unwanted record of most number of ducks engraved under his name.  Do you feel Shoaib Akhtar is justified to troll Shahid Afridi in front of his fans? Tell us in the comments.

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