“You disappointed me”: Joan Laporta’s board member criticises him for Lionel Messi’s Departure – Pens down an emotional resignation letter

Things have been falling apart at FC Barcelona ever since the Catalan giants officially confirmed the earth-shattering news that they were parting ways with Lionel Messi this summer. Today, Lionel Messi addressed the Barca fans in his last press-conference at the Camp Nou and it was the most heartbreaking moment in their recent history.

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Moments after Messi’s press conference was over, Joan Laporta’s board member Jaume Llopis became the first victim to Leo’s unexpected departure as he gave his resignation. In his terms, Llopis was ‘disappointed’ with Joan Laporta’s callous approach towards Lionel Messi’s situation.

Jaume Llopis is a member of the Espai Barca Commission and a professor at IESE business school of the University of Navarra. In a statement that the professor released a few hours after Messi’s bid farewell to FC Barcelona, he expressed his grief on Messi’s departure and claimed that president Joan Laporta could do better.

What Llopis wrote to Joan Laporta

Jaume Llopis

“You disappointed me, I thought you were the only one capable of facing Florentino. I lack information but surely much more could be done to keep Messi. There are many leftovers.”

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“Messi was an important heritage of FC Barcelona.We will see when the Superleague arrives, if it arrives, and in the meantime, reinforcing the PSG and making it easier for Mbappé to go to Madrid. Florentino’s perfect plan. You will go down in history as the president who fired Messi.”

“Thank you for the confidence in putting me in the Espai Barça Commission, and, although there is no official appointment or responsibility, I think I have contributed positive things, but I am obliged to resign because I want to be free to express my opinions. I wish you good luck.”

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