Kabaddi Rules

Each group is going to be framed by on the brink of 12 players and just 7 will leave the sector directly

Because of the physical idea of Kabaddi, the matches are grouped into age and weight classifications. 

There are six officials who manage each Kabaddi coordinate.

 The officials are comprised of 1 arbitrator, one scorer, two colleague scorers and two refs. 

The term of the match is 2 parts of 20 minutes during which a half-time break of 5 minutes is likewise taken. 

Toward the beginning of a Kabaddi coordinate, there’s a draw with the champ who has the selection of getting the first attack or not. 

within the second 50% of the sport, the group that did not enter first will begin the last half with a strike. 

To win a flash that attacking, the aggressor must inhale and run towards the middle of the restriction and imprint a minimum of one individual from the rival group and afterward come to their very own portion of the sector before inhaling another time

To demonstrate that another breath has not been taken, the rider must keep it up quite once yell “Kabaddi”.

On the off chance that he doesn’t, in any event, for a moment it implies that the driving force must come to his very own side of the court without focuses and therefore the rival group is granted some extent for a fruitful cautious play. 

The group that’s being ambushed is protecting, and players must keep the assailants from checking them and returning halfway. 

While on protection, 

a gaggle can score some extent by effectively keeping the attacker from returning to his own half after scoring. 

The attackers must be snatched by their appendages or middle, not by their hair, garments or another spot, and therefore the safeguards can’t cross the within the line. 

Each group will alternate attacking and shielding. 

After halftime

the 2 groups change sides of the court and therefore the group that safeguarded first within the main half starts the next half by assaulting. 

the sport proceeds thusly until time runs out, the group with the foremost focuses toward the finish of the sport has announced the champ.

Red Card in Kabaddi

Red Card

Steadily dissenting or questioning the official’s choice, along these lines disturbing the match. 

Offering critical comments about the authorities and their activities, consequently attempting to impact their choice. 

Indicating unmistakable hostility towards the ref or umpire requesting a good choice. 

A red card is utilized to flag what is known as a “sending off the offence.” 

This implies in the event that you get a red card while you are a player on the field, you will be sent off and can’t come back to the game, nor would you be able to remain uninvolved.

A player, substitute or subbed player is sent off and demonstrated the red card for submitting any of the accompanying seven offences: 

  • is liable for genuine treachery (SFP) 
  • is liable for fierce direct (VC) 
  • Spits at a rival or some other individual (S) 
  • Denies the rival group an objective or an undeniable objective scoring opportunity by intentionally dealing with the ball (this doesn’t matter to the goalkeeper inside their own punishment zone) (DGH) 
  • Denies a conspicuous objective scoring chance to a rival moving towards the player’s objective by an offence deserving of a free kick or an extra shot (DGF) 
  • Uses hostile, annoying or damaging language and additionally motions (AL) 
  • Receives a second alert in a similar match (2CT)

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