Kesrick Williams Narrated His Explosive Banter With Virat Kohli

The West Indies fast bowler Kesrick Williams has recently spoken about the prevailing cold war between him and Virat Kohli. The Caribbean has been taking digs at Kohli after the Indian captain brutally smashed him when West Indies toured India towards the end of the year 2019. When Kohli hit him for a six over covers in the first T20 in Hyderabad, he imitated Williams’ notebook celebration. This was a reaction to what Williams did against Kohli in the 2017 series in West Indies.

In 2017, the incident started in the Caribbean. When Kesrick Williams dismissed Virat Kohli, he first did this celebration. Both of them came face to face after a lot of time. In the first T20I in Hyderabad in 2019, Kohli gave his answer back while chasing a target of 208. Williams now narrated his side of the story.

“In the first game, when Kohli walked in to bat, he walked straight to me, and he was like, ‘Hey, you got me in Jamaica the last time you bowled against me, it’s not going to happen here’. I was like this thing happened in 2017, this is 2019, this guy really studied this thing? I was like I can’t believe this guy,” Kesrick told Firstpost.


Kesrick Williams further stated that the Indian captain went berserk from that moment. He started to do gestures intentionally. Kesrick Williams even claimed that did not do it spitefully. However, Kohli continued with his antics relentlessly.

Kesrick Williams told Kohli to zip his mouth.

Kesrick Williams and Virat Kohli

“He started saying stuff that I really don’t want to repeat. He started saying all sorts (of things), I am like ‘Yo mate, can you just back (off)’. I was walking back, and he was at the non-striker’s end, and he’s like ‘This is not going to happen today, I am not going to make you get me out today, never, never you are going to get me out today’. I am like, ‘mate, can you just zip your mouth and bat? Just bat, just play the game, and please leave me alone.”

The West Indies pacer even said that Kohli did not even leave him while travelling in the flight from Hyderabad to Kerala, for the next match. Kohli continued with his antics and the banter progressed. Williams did not get spared even after dismissing him the second T20I

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