Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi: The Hope of 90’s

The 1990s was a wierd time for the state . There was a political turmoil which was persistent within the country, there have been ongoing protests over a replacement reservation policy, the country was during a difficult economic situation, and sports had lost all its hope during a match-fixing scandal in cricket. Other popular sports like football and hockey were also battling sponsor issues, and therefore the atmosphere was gloomy.

In such an environment, two youngsters from India were hoisting the flag of hope with their thundering chest bumps, prolonging rallies, towering backhands, and breathtaking play on internet . the 2 players Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes, first paired on the large stage within the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. The pair couldn’t get past the second round, but something about them was satisfying, something which gave a way of accomplishment. the 2 played together and created a book of records. Both the players share a 303-103 career record playing together and had a streak of 23 successive wins in Davis Cup .

The duo played for 16 years and won a complete of 25 ATP titles, which contained three Grand Slams.

The Partnership:

The two complemented one another like Simon and Garfunkel. Both the players had particular weaknesses in their games, and therefore the other was compatible to hide the gap. Paes was a master at netplay with Bhupathi, an expert in playing from the backline. Bhupathi’s strength was his herculean serves, whereas Paes was a master of playing long rallies. it had been a partnership made in heaven, and therefore the World was there for the taking.

The Dominance:

The pair completely dominated the year 1999. The duo was a feared name within the tennis circuit. They reached the showdown of all the four major competitions. The pair also managed to clinch the title the finals on the Clay soil of Roland Garros and therefore the lush green court of Wimbledon. The pair reached the height of the ATP doubles ranking and appeared like nothing could stop him. Their solo careers were also on a high with both winning various Grand Slams within the Mixed events also . The pair even managed to succeed in the highest 4 of the Olympics in 2004. the planet was at their feet, and therefore the couple was able to create a legacy that might be bigger than that of Mark Woodforde and Todd Woodbridge.

What Happened Next?

The duo could never achieve what it had been meant for. rather than volleying the ball , they started putting volleys of the allegation on one another during a Public Spat. examine the ending of the couple in our next edition of Indian Tennis.

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