Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp provides Injury Updates on Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez

Jurgen Klopp provided injury updates ahead of Liverpool’s two half-an-hour friendly matches against FC Wacker Innsbruck and Stuttgart on Tuesday. Klopp was asked which defenders would be ready to play in the upcoming games.

“It’s different for each of them. I think there is absolutely no doubt Joel can play on Tuesday.”

“Trent looks for me like he can but I will have to speak to the medical department and they will tell me if it is too early. I don’t think it is, I think he could play a few minutes on Tuesday.”

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Trent Alexander-Arnold suffered an injury in a friendly match just a week ahead of Euro 2020

The 22-year-old right-back was named in England’s squad for this summer’s European Championship, but had to withdraw because of a thigh injury he faced last month. The 22-year-old suffered a thigh injury while playing a friendly for England against Austria last month. But the England international recovered well after sitting out for a month.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has given the club a huge boost by declaring he is fully fit as the club kick off their pre-season. The 22-year-old has now insisted he has returned to full fitness and is ready to go for the club’s pre-season, having been part of the squad to in the club’s Austria training base.

Alexander-Arnold has told Liverpool’s official website: “I’m fully pain-free. I’ve been doing a lot of rehabs when we were off over the summer with the physios and the medical staff, which was good for me.

“I feel fit, I feel healthy and I’m back in full training now, so it’s good. It’s good for me.

“I’ve done quite a few sessions with the lads now; I feel fit enough to play. But the decision comes from the manager, the staff and obviously the medical staff, they need to talk and see if it’s worth the risk. 

“If not, there’s a game on Friday as well, so whether it’s a case of a few minutes on Tuesday and play a bit more on Friday against Mainz, ease me in like that, who knows? Either way, I’ll be ready to play.”

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What Jurgen Klopp has said

Jurgen Klopp sheds light on the recoveries of Joe Gomez, Alexander-Arnold and Virgil Van Dijk

Jurgen Klopp further added: “Then, Joe and Virgil are in a similar situation – not exactly the same, but similar. Both have done parts of our normal training and then they have to do extra parts. 

Gomez suffered a patella tendon rupture while on international duty with England last November, ruling him out for the 2020/21 season. The 24-year-old’s injury came one month after Virgil van Dijk’s campaign was ended by an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. The pair were later joined in the treatment room by Joel Matip, who sustained ankle ligament damage in January.

“Yesterday we had to do some sprints – hard sprints and these kinds of things, which we didn’t do in the normal training – so they do extra stuff and sometimes a little bit less if the things what we are doing is too intense for them. They are getting closer and closer, that’s the impression we have.

“What they did in training so far worked really well and we will see when we can involve them in complete normal training – I don’t know that and I don’t rush it either. It makes no sense, we waited so long and now we can wait a few days longer, that’s no problem.”

Jurgen Klopp reveals that Joe Gomez’s situation is complex

Jurgen Klopp added on the 24-year-old centre-half: “Not at all. No setbacks at all. Not for Joe, nothing – he’s trained completely normal.

“That’s the thing, these boys are not injured anymore, they are just not at 100 per cent yet. There are usually setbacks but so far there were no setbacks with Joe and Virgil and nobody [else] – they are all fine. What they had to do they did, no reaction with the knee, nothing, all fine. The world wide web had obviously too much time.”

Jurgen Klopp also responded to an encouraging video from Friday’s training session which showed Matip scoring twice.

“I am not sure if we have it on camera, but when Joel scored the goal in training, Pete Krawietz(first-team coach) was standing next to me and said, ‘Good surgery!’ He is in good shape, wow.

“Joel Matip is this kind of player, who flourishes in the moment when he enters the pitch. I think nobody heard him saying a lot of things when he is stood next to the pitch, but when it is a game situation – whichever game it is – he is in.

“He missed that very much because he was out for a long time, but as I said before he was the closest of all the four long-term injuries. Trent is now in normal sessions as well and we’ll see what we do with that on Tuesday,” Jurgen Klopp concluded.

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