Michael Vaughan names player who was jealous of Kevin Pieterson

After the commencement of IPL, the financial aspects of the game has changed dramatically. The players have started to bag IPL contracts, and even the unknown players have begun to attain the status of millionaires. However, back in 2008, when IPL began to the situation was different. Many cricket boards had reservations about the mega league. Michael Vaughan has revealed one such instance where IPL began to divide amongst the English players.

The veteran commentator has revealed an instance from 2009 when highly sought after Kevin Pieterson was sold for a high sum in the IPL auctions. Vaughan has named a few players who were jealous of Pieterson, and there were two groups in the dressing room.

“I think there was a lot of jealousy-Michael Vaughan.”

The incident takes us back to 2009 when ECB (England Cricket Board) had issued NOC (No Objection Certificate) to their players for participating in the cash-rich league. The decision of the cricket board came after a lot of initial deliberation.

Two English players Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen were highly billed in the auction. Flintoff joined Chennai Super Kings whereas Pieterson joined the eventual runner ups Royal Challengers Banglore. Pieterson, who was known for his rebellious behavior, got an offer of $1.55 Million.

Former Three Lions captain, Michael Vaughan has revealed that after the auctions, there was jealousy in the dressing room.
Vaughan stated “I think there was a lot of jealousy. And the players will completely deny it now, but I think there was at the time when Kevin was on a massive contract,”

Michael Vaughan did not hesitate in naming the five players. He added

“There were all sorts of whispers and rumors of cliques in the team. There was a little band of a few; Graeme Swann, Tim Bresnan, (James) Anderson, (Stuart) Broad and Matt Prior. The whispers were they were on one side, and Kevin was kind of standing on his own on the other side,”

Vaughan said that the battle started after Kevin Pieterson wanted to play in IPL whereas the others were hesitant. He added “It wasn’t anything other than that Kev around that time wanted to go to the IPL. That’s how it all started to blow up, and that’s when those factions came into play,”

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