Kevin Pietersen Makes A Huge Statement About Dhoni’s Batting Position Against RR

MS Dhoni IPL: In the post-match conference, when MS Dhoni came for a chat, he revealed the reason for him coming late in the batting order. He said that he has not batted for a long time, and even the 14 days practice has not been of much help to him. So, he sent the youngsters up the order and demoted himself. Meanwhile, Kevin Pietersen is not satisfied with his statements and stated that he is not ‘buying all this nonsense.

“Yeah, you got to get up. You have to at least give yourself the opportunity to win the game. That’s what Sunny is talking about. When you see how close they went, Du Plessis started to go, then MS Dhoni started hitting at the end, and then they lost by only 16 runs,” said Pietersen in a post-match show to Star Sports. (MS Dhoni IPL)

Kevin Pietersen is amused by the way CSK batsman played in the middle overs. (MS Dhoni IPL)

Kevin Pietersen and MS Dhoni IPL

Pietersen also said that he was very surprised by the way CSK batsman went about their business in the middle 4-5 overs. They were just nudging the ball around and taking casual singles without an intent. If they would have been serious from there, they would have easily achieved this target. He felt that scoring 20 in last over is not a big deal now.


“It’s not about experiments, saying ‘oh it’s early on in the tournament’. Let me tell you, T20 cricket can bite you very, very quickly. You can end up losing five games on the go very quickly, and then you can end up thinking ‘oh my goodness, are we actually going to get into the finals?’. I am not buying into this nonsense,” Pietersen concluded. (MS Dhoni IPL)

Dhoni’s innings attracted a lot of criticism from all corners and raised a lot of eyebrows.

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