NBA Fantasy Tips: How to play NBA in Dream11, Secret Tips and Guide for Beginners

NBA Fantasy Tips: NBA is one of the popular sports for fantasy players. However, many of you might don’t know how to play NBA in Dream11 or any other fantasy apps and that’s why there is really low competition. Here we are sharing important details about the game and important NBA Fantasy Tips that will make understand the game and win cash contests.

What is NBA?

The National Basketball Association is a professional basketball league in North America. There are 30 teams in this league that competes against each other. Every team has a 12 players squad while only 5 player starts on the court. There are five positions of the players in court and each of them is important. They are – Point Gaurd, Shooting Gaurd, Center, Small Forward, and Power Forward.

There are 4 quarters in an NBA game, each of 12 minutes. However, it’s a bit different when it comes to international games. International basketball games have only 10 minutes a quarter. The objective of the teams is to score more points to register a win.

NBA Fantasy Tips: Point System

While talking about the point system, we are considering Dream11 NBA games. In Dream11, you get 4 points for every starting player. After that, there are a few criteria for scoring points.

  • For every field goal in the game, a player gets 1 point.
  • For every Rebound, a player gets 1.2 points.
  • For every assist, a player gets 1.5 points.
  • For every steal, a player gets 3 points.
  • For every Block, a player gets 3 points.
  • For every Turn Over, a player gets -3 points.

NBA Fantasy Tips: How to make team

Each team in NBA starts with only five players but when it comes to Dream11, you have to choose 8 players for your team. You can choose a maximum of five players from one team. After selecting a team, we have to choose our Star Player and Pro Player. Now, here is a secret tip, always choose a Center position player as your Star Player or Pro Player. They have the most chance to score the highest points in a game.

NBA Fantasy Tips: How to get team news

This is the most common question people ask while they are looking for the best NBA Fantasy Tips. Now there are various websites to get the team news, injury updates, and other details. But, you don’t have to visit somewhere else as we are already covering team news for every NBA game on our website The Sportstattoo.

My personal secret NBA Fantasy Tips

Now here I am sharing a few tips that I personally use and it works in almost every fantasy sport. Do not try to play every game. If you have already won a good amount today, leave the rest of the games and do the same while you lose. Do good research before you play and make teams for a game. You can consider The Sportstatto to get more details about the games you want to play.

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