Opinion: The Problems with FC Barcelona and How to fix them

FC Barcelona is in a mess and the world knows it. The process had started way back in 2019 ever since that cursed night at Anfield when Liverpool proved to the world that FC Barcelona do bleed and shattered the confidence of the mighty Blaugrana once and for all. Having Lionel Messi in the team was mending the things a bit as the little mastro’s magic on the field was covering up for a lot of the defensive and tactical inadequacies of the team. But with him now gone due to the financial quandary, Barca have neither someone to blame nor someone to look up to at crucial situations.

The 4-0 loss against Liverpool at Anfield crippled FC Barcelona

The option that remains is to trust the process and bring out the best of the squad that remains. But does anything remain of a squad when you take away (or rather give away) two of your highest goalscorers in a single transfer window? FC Barcelona have not only lost Lionel Messi but they have also loaned out their second highest goalscorer of last season Antoine Griezmann to Atletico Madrid with an option to buy.

What remains now is the very base of a completely new team upon which shall be laid the foundation of a new era of FC Barcelona. What remains is a group of young kids filled with a lot of potential along with a few experienced ones, many of whom have lost their grip on the game and better be gone before they start hindering the team’s performance further.

The average age of the current FC Barcelona squad is just 25.7 years old

There is no reason not to believe that this young squad can completely transform into the very best in the world. But for that, the number one requirement is to appoint someone who knows the principles of FC Barcelona to the very core. And that, unfortunately, is not Ronald Koeman.

No disrespect to Ronald Koeman. The former dutch international is a Barca legend by every means and it was nothing but his love for the club that compelled him to leave his job as the head coach of the Dutch National team (where he was doing exceptionally well) and join FC Barcelona at a tough time. However, it is time we agree that he is not the right coach that Barca need for the project. His style of play doesn’t suit FC Barcelona and he apparently is not well versed about Barca’s vintage style of play (taking a dig at Tiki Taka in the press conference is not cool too).

What next for FC Barcelona?

FC Barcelona must replace Ronald Koeman with Xavi Hernandez as soon as possible

So what can be done? Well the only viable and long term option that we have at our disposal is the one that every cule is talking about lately. Bring Xavi in and unleash La Masia. As simple as it gets. But the proposition is subject to some conditions.

The Cules have to accept the fact that success will not be coming immediately. The current barca team is all messed up and repairing it will take time. But once the odd one outs are taken care of, carving the vintage Barca methods into the minds of the players will not be difficult as the average age of the squad is still very very low. Yet, the complete process will DEFINITELY take time. Until then, we might have to digest some undesirable results against big teams. But the thing that needs to be remembered is that the team will have been under the process of achieving the greater good. All that is left to say is ‘ trust the process’.

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