Riyan Parag reveals the name of his favorite IPL team, and its not CSK

The Coronavirus has forced the sports star to sit at their respective homes. The extension of national lockdown till 3rd May has further reduced the chances of any cricket for the next two months. The situations look gloomy, and the Indian cricketers who normally are busy taking part in the IPL during this hour of time are looking for other ways to interact with their fans.

The most effective way has been twitter and Instagram Q&A, and it is gaining immense popularity amongst the fans and cricketers. Riyan Parag is the latest player to indulge in the activity. The young Rajasthan Royals players who caught the eye in the previous edition of IPL once again caught the eye due to his candid replies.

Riyan Parag follows the footsteps of Seniors:

Many cricketers have done various Q&A on social media. The candid replies of the cricketers coupled with interesting questions from the fans have made the practice a very exciting one and something the fans have a look forward to monitoring. Jasprit Bumrah, Rohit Sharma, Harmanpreet Kaur, Virat Kohli, and Kevin Pieterson are amongst the big names who have participated in the practice.

The young Rajasthan Royals star joined the big names and did a Q&A session. The player who caught the attention due to his exceptional all-round performances for Assam and Rajashthan Royals revealed his favorite team. However, unlike the expectations, Riyan Parag did not name Rajasthan Royals as his favorite IPL side.

The U-19 star named the Rohit Sharma led cash-rich Mumbai Indians as his favorite team in IPL. The player was bought by the Rajashthan Royals in the 2019 edition of the season. He scored 160 runs at a staggering strike rate of 120 along with seven scalps. The player also scored a half-century against Delhi Capitals to become the youngest player to score a half-century in the history of the cash-rich league.

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