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Rohit Sharma discloses the name of the country which never supports India

The Indian team has found a new Asian rival in recent times. The Indian side which was well-renowned for their rivalry with the Pakistani has found a new cricketing rival on the eastern side of the nation. The Bangladesh side has been a constant threat to the Indian side in recent times. However, the players have developed a feeling of mutual respect amongst each other and this feeling was visible in a recent Instagram live video between the explosive Bangladeshi opener Tamim Iqbal and Indian vice-captain Rohit Sharma.

Tamim Iqbal earned a name for himself in the 2007 World Cup when he played a major role when Bangladesh defeated India in one of the biggest upsets in the history of the game.

Rohit Sharma says that they never get support in Bangladesh

In a recent Instagram live video between Tamim Iqbal and Rohit Sharma both the players got candid about the ever-increasing rivalry between the two nations. Rohit Sharma has proven to be a nemesis for the Bangladeshi side. The right-handed opener has slammed three centuries against the Bangladeshi side in major tournaments. His three centuries have come against in 2015 World Cup Quarter Final, 2019 World Cup and 2017 Champions League semi-final.

Rohit also talked about the immense passion of the Bangladeshi fans. He revealed India and Bangladesh have passionate cricket fans, when we make mistakes, we are criticized from all corners. I know it is similar in Bangladesh, I know how passionate fans can get in Bangladesh when we come to the ground to play the match, it is unbelievable, India is not used to playing without any crowd support, Bangladesh is the only place where we do not get any support

Tamim Iqbal reveals a regret

Tamim Iqbal also brought another interesting incident into the light. The Bangladeshi player revealed an incident of 2019 World Cup when he dropped a simple catch of Rohit Sharma and he went on to score a century. Tamim Iqbal said I remember how people trolled me for that. I was just praying for you to get out somehow. But when you reached 40, I gave up as I knew what was about to happen

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