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Sakshi Dhoni talks about MS Dhoni retirement

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a name that divides opinion in the Indian cricketing circle. The former Indian skipper has thousands of haters in the World. However, arguably for every one hater, the Indian captain has found a ton of fans who are willing to fight with anyone with their captain.

The past year has been one such example where are fans are divided over one of the biggest leaders in Indian cricket. MS Dhoni last appeared on a cricket field in the semi-final of World Cup 2015 where India lost in a thrilling contest. Dhoni was scheduled to participate in IPL but the Coronavirus made sure that BCCI was forced to postpone the tournament.

The decision of BCCI where MS Dhoni was dropped from the list of centrally contracted cricketers also created further ripples in the industry. The so-called Dhoni haters often ask questions over the retirement of the former captain.

One such ripple created controversy. The microblogging platform Twitter started the trend  #DhoniRetires. Captain Cool as usual remained calm and chose not to utter anything on the trend. However, Sakshi Singh Dhoni jumped the gum and slammed all the haters. He tweeted “Its only rumors! I understand Lockdown has made people mentally unstable! #DhoniRetires .. Get a life! ”

However, Sakshi deleted the tweet when it went viral. She has finally opened about the incident to Rupha Ramani, the famous sports presenter. She revealed that a close friend of the couple informed her about the trend and she decided to put an end to the rumor.

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Sakshi said “One of my friends messaged me asked me what is going on? That hashtag (#DhoniRetires) has been trending since the afternoon. I was like what is it, then I don’t know something happened to me, and it happened (the tweet) I deleted it, but the job was done, the message was put out,”

In an Instagram live session, Sakshi also revealed what MS Dhoni is up to during the lockdown. She said “Mahi has assembled about seven bikes; he has restored them. Old bikes actually, he opened them up, he bought parts and assembled it. He was assembling a bike, he assembled it, but I don’t know he forgot to put a part and the bike was not starting. So he had to open the whole thing the next day,”

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