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Sania Mirza says that the biggest Sports Star in India are Women

All India Tennis Association and Women’s Tennis Association are using the lockdown to spread knowledge about the sports throughout the nation. Both the association organized a webinar featuring the most successful female tennis player in India, Sania Mirza. The webinar hosted in the first week of May gave a lot of insights to the fans about the way sports is shaping up in India.

Sania Mirza talked about the progress that India has made in the field of sports and gave several examples of how the standards of the nation can improve. The six-time World Champion also proudly mentioned the fact that most of the bigger sports personalities in India are women.

“I know how difficult it is to pursue sports as a woman-” Sania Mirza

The six-time Grand Slam Champion laid special emphasis on the role of women in Indian sports. She stated “I take huge pride in the fact that outside cricket, the biggest sports stars are women athletes. If you see Magazine, Billboards, you find women sports stars.  This  is a huge step, I know how difficult it is to pursue a sport being a woman,” 

She further added This is a signal that things have changed but we have miles to go before we reach the point where when a girl pick up boxing gloves, or a badminton racquet or says ‘I want to be a wrestler’, it’s not out of ordinary, it should become natural progression”

She blamed cultural issues as one of the reasons young girls leave the game of tennis after reaching a certain age. She said “Sport on this side of the world does not come naturally to parents. They want their daughters to be doctors, lawyers, teachers but not an athlete. Things have changed in the last 20-25 years since I started playing tennis but still, there is long way to go,”

Sania Mirza also talked on a number of issues that persists in the Indian sports for Women.

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